#80 - On Meditation + Why Enlightenment is Sexy AF ft Valerie Gangas

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When I think of meditation... enlightenment... consciousness... SEXY is not often the word I think of that goes with them! And I'm an avid meditator. I've been meditating for 2-3 years now. But enlightenment IS sexy! And I didn't think of it that way until I met today's podcast guest!

Valerie Gangas is a self-proclaimed party girl who, after attending her first Transcendental Meditation experience in 2011, awakened in a profound way.  She's always been a lover of religion, but this experience opened her up in a new way. From there, her movement was born, spawning the Amazon bestseller, Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life (EIS).

In today's podcast, we're getting nitty-gritty into her story, how she found meditation, how it grew into her calling, what transcendental meditation (TM), how transformational it is, how it’s different, and how to get started!

It’s so so so good and I really hope ya’ll enjoy it!


  • Valerie’s story, meeting Mother Teresa, loss and how Transcendental Meditation (TM) transformed her life

  • What is transcendental meditation?

    • TM mantras and how they work

  • How she went from not knowing what TM was to speaking about it and working with Oprah!

  • How meditation has literally been with her since her birth

  • If you feel like you “can’t meditate”, maybe it’s about just waiting for the right opportunity?

  • Why Everyone SHOULD (a good should!) a spiritual practice

    • It’s about slowing down in this crazy world

    • Finding a practice for centering yourself

  • There are so many forms of meditation and the kind you chose has to come to you and has to be right for you!

  • How to get started with Transcendental Meditation (TM) - Click here or Click here to find a Meditation Teacher

  • There is a scientific basis for TM

  • How did Enlightenment is Sexy come about?

    • Moving to Iowa to Write Her Book

    • The Dream that Led to the Brand

    • “You know, people are worried about their weight, their hair color, what their nails look like, all this superficial stuff. But, being awake inside? That’s what’s sexy! Enlightenment is sexy. Moving toward that? That’s a higher level of being beautiful and having light coming out of your ears and your eyes. That’s sexy to me! So, I kind of wanted to shift the conversation to something deeper than the Kardashians…”

    • All the other “non-sexy” things that REALLY ARE SEXY! Like boundaries and self-awareness…

    • You’re not going to take shit from people or from yourself

      • Sometimes it’s easier for us to #realtalk other people but a lot harder to #realtalk ourselves

  • “The combo platter of therapy and this serious self-awareness is amazing! You blow through issues that you’ve been dealing with for 30 years…I don’t think you need to be in therapy for 30 years. I think if you combine the 2 of a spiritual practice that you’re doing everyday (not like once a year on a retreat)…everyday and go to therapy and do some journaling or whatever you want to do, you cannot fail! You will not fail! You will grow, you’ll become brutally honest with yourself, you will know who you are as a person and you will deal with your traumas. It’s a perfect things that you will bring together and it works! It’s not rocket science and it works!”

  • You can’t spiritually bypass your shit and your traumas


    • “It’s about consistency over time. Find the thing that helps, that helps you be more aware, that helps you work through your shit…”

    • It’s not about doing 20 different things…pick a couple things and stick with them!

  • You can personal growth + try new things to your detriment

  • Getting really serious about a spiritual practice (or therapy), it’s about sticking to something over time

    • “Scientist brain: You can only test one thing at a time or your experiment is fucked…”

  • “When you buy the ticket and take this ride of a spiritual life and going down this road, your whole life changes, everything is different, you don’t have a clear path and it’s not easy. It’s not all roses. There’s a lot of ups and downs. There’s a lot of unknown. but you’ve gotta keep going. Because the gifts…the synchronicities…the miracles…it’s so worth it!”

  • Growth? Tony Robbins…Knowing who you are and being solid, like a giant oak tree! Unshakeable…It’s how you react to all the stuff happening in your life! There’s going to be some major punches. You’re going to get your ass knocked down. But if you can lean back and watch it like a movie, that’s what makes the difference. Permanent change. Permanent transformation. And that happens on a soul level…

  • Resources + Books…

    • “Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman's Guide to a Magical Life” - Valerie Gangas | Click here

    • Richard Rore | Click here

    • “The Power of Now” - Eckhart Tolle | Click here

    • “The Untethered Soul” - Michael Singer | Click here

Resources in this episode:

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About Today’s Guest…

Valerie Gangas has been called a “force of nature” with equal parts grounded, kick-ass provocateur and all-embracing spiritual mystic. She is also a highly active social media ace, life coach, speaker on personal transformation and author of the Amazon bestseller, Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life (EIS). 

After her first Transcendental Meditation experience in the winter of 2011, Valerie's “awakening” inspired a non-stop outpouring of creativity and insight—especially targeted for women—thus, her first book, Enlightenment Is Sexy, was born.

Valerie stands firmly in her belief that everything begins from the inside first.

“Consciousness, freedom, purpose, transformation, and love are what it’s all about,” and this provocative 21st-century mantra is the focus of her multi-dimensional approach to helping others find the best of it all, every moment of their lives.

Her engaging, empowering voice offers the type of guidance to help others courageously reclaim their own lives and pursue their most heartfelt passions and wildest dreams into manifestation. 

Valerie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Religious Studies and Women’s Studies from DePaul University and a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University.

Connect with Valerie: Instagram | Website

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