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Meals of the week cookbook

Meals of the Week features 21 Day Fix approved recipes, budget recipes with cost breakdowns, crockpot recipes, and many many more! When I started meal prepping, the biggest thing for me was making my dinners ahead of time! Getting home from work at the end of the day, I was always too tired to really make anything! Sometimes this led to running to the store to buy too-expensive pre-made dinners, and other times it just meant going out to eat! Regardless, my bank account got smaller and my waistline got larger. Then I started this concept I call a Meal of the Week! I prep 1 or 2 large meals on Sunday and reheat them for dinner throughout the week! It has been a savior! Here are my all-time favorite recipes - featuring 21 Day Fix approved recipes, budget recipes with cost breakdowns, crockpot recipes, and many many more! I hope you enjoy it!

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If you have some lofty health and fitness goals for yourself, the biggest and BEST thing you can do starting now is... TAKE YOUR NUTRITION SERIOUSLY! And that's what this e-book is going to help you to do! Meal prepping is a health & fitness game-changer, and if you're new to it, will absolutely transform this process for you! You may have heard of meal prepping before! In this e-book, I take all of the guesswork out of it! All those questions that I had when I first started meal prepping and getting healthy are addressed here: How to plan your grocery list How to spend your time at the grocery store so you save money and stay healthy What and how to prep your foods Lists of food group staples And of course - Snack and meal ideas! I'll de-bunk all the myths and excuses you keep telling yourself about why you can't meal prep, and give you a clear, concise action plan to follow! I even include a meal planner that you can print out and use every time you meal prep! WHETHER YOU'RE A NEWBIE OR A PRO, THIS GUIDE WILL DEFINITELY GIVE YOU NEW TIPS AND TRICKS TO TRY!

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the healthy life handbook


The planner starts with the Foundations program. I walk you through how to determine which aspects of your life you're dissatisfied with and why, what you really and truly want out of life, and how to map out your goals to actually get you to where you want to be. This includes a place to do a life evaluation, how to determine what your priorities are and if they match with what you want them to be, a place to write your own Manifesto, goal setting, life designing, action planning your goals, etc. Then we get to the Life Design Planner. It's a 12-month UNDATED planner with monthly and weekly layouts. It contains action plans for goal planning, grocery and meal planners, affirmations, gratitudes, a place to prioritization each day's actions, a healthy habits section, etc.

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