Friend, Can I just say…I get you!

I get the burnout. I get the overwhelm. I get it.

I get it because I’ve been there too.

Before I was a coach, I was a scientist. Hell, I was getting my Ph.D. And there was nothing wrong with my life and the path I was on. It was a great path, a supported path, a respected path and I was pretty damn successful at it. But that path? It didn’t feel like mine. 

I wanted more out of my life & I know you do too…

I help people like me and like you.  People who followed a career path really well only to discover that it wasn’t quite for them. Who feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated and unsure what the next step is, but who know they are ready to make some serious pivots. Who want more out of their life, whatever more may be. That’s where I can help! 

I can help you find the clarity and the confidence to creating a life you f’ing love ON YOUR TERMS. 

Because, my friend, you deserve it! Now, let’s start creating it!

Welcome, friend!
Choose Your Adventure…
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