#36 - Today I Cried in the Middle of a Starbucks

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Today I Cried in the Middle of a Starbucks...I'm not joking. Full on balled in the corner of the Starbucks. Following our live Mastermind event about 10 days ago, I was on fire. I was motivated. I had a crystal clear plan of action. And this week hasn't been this way. I've been struggling. It's been like having a hangover - but an emotional hangover. So, in the middle of a call with my Mastermind babes in the middle of a Starbucks, I had a profound realization and so perfectly aligned with this week's message. I needed a DAMN break. I needed to put myself first. So, in the context of that experience, we're going to talk putting yourself first - even if you don't have kids and husband or significant other. We're going to talk self-care, but from the emotional perspective...


  • My mid-Starbucks cry

  • What drove it…cuz friends, emotional hangovers are real things

  • What it taught me and the realization that the world has been attempting to beat this message into me for the last few months

  • 4 tips for taking care of your mental and emotional self-care

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