#35 - Putting Yourself First as a Mom, Wife & Creative Professional with April Yentas

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Fear is the compass pointing you toward where you want to go.
— Jen Sincero

Have you ever felt guilty for putting yourself first? As a mom? As a child? As a student? As an employee? In today’s episode, I’m so excited to welcome someone who has become a friend in a very short period of time. April Yentas is a former interior designer turned wedding photographer who has navigated seasons of life, including motherhood, a season of focusing on health, and a season of growing a new business. Throughout this journey, her career pivot, being a new mom, etc. she found one very important thing and has some very important messages - that we HAVE to put ourselves first on occasion and that isn’t something to feel guilty about, the importance of giving yourself space to do you, the importance of authenticity in building your business and how you’ve got to, always, show up in spite of fear. If you’re a mom, if you’re a creative professional, if you’re a new entrepreneur in general, check this amazing episode out!


  • Putting yourself first as a mom and a wife

  • Not necessarily asking your family for the space to give yourself what you need, but sometimes telling them. Making it a non-negotiable

  • Why personal development is so crucial in business

  • Sticking to your guns, dealing with impostor syndrome and not falling victim to doing what everyone else is doing.

  • Realizing that you can’t serve everyone and focusing on the people who you serve best and who want what you have to offer

  • Showing up as yourself on social media

  • Connecting personal development and business development and how you can embody living a life of impact

Resources in this episode:

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Check out April’s work as a wedding photographer and the work she does with creative professionals

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Book Recommendations: “You are a Badass” and “You are a Badass at Making Money” By: Jen Sincero, “Girl, Wash Your Face” By: Rachel Hollis, “High Performance Habits” By: Brendon Burchard

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