#34 - Owning Our Stories & Struggles

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Tuesday's interview with Brooke really got me think - thinking about all the moments in my life and along my journey where I didn't think my story was worth telling. That somehow it was lesser because it didn't quite compare in my brain to some of the other rags to riches stories of the top entrepreneurs, thought leaders, coaches and speakers of our time. People who've faced poverty, abuse, severe trauma, losses that maybe I couldn't even fathom. I'd hear these stories and simply think, who am I to tell mine? Is my story enough? Does it measure up? And for a long time I didn't think it did, but now I'm realizing it does. And yours does too.


  • How comparison can fuck with our heads and can keep us from sharing our stories fully

  • How - even though we might see our story as lesser - it might actually be more relatable than some of the bigger, more dramatic stories

  • How sharing our stories breeds connection - common humanity, friends! It’s a thing and it’s one of the foundations of the connections we make

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