#33 - Grieving Loss, Identity & Closing Life’s Chapters Ft. Brooke Siem

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 This week’s interview features a powerhouse woman. Brooke Siem is a speaker, writer, XPT certified coach, and a chef. And despite her success as chef - she had a successful bakery in Manhattan called Prohibition Bakery, a champion Food Network’s Chopped, being named on Zagat’s 30 under 30, and so much more - she jumped at the opportunity to travel abroad for a year and is now “categorically homeless”, as her website says. Now, 19 countries later, she’s tackling a new challenge. A couple years, 19 countries and now off of all prescription drugs, she’s become an advocate for mental health and wellness. In today’s episode, we talk about identity and how little things like our hobbies, job titles and diagnoses can become ways in which we overidentify ourselves. We talk about comparing pain and how anytime you have to let go of a chapter of your life, we may need to grieve it and the importance of not comparing your story and your pain to that of anyone else’s. We talk self-compassion, we talk guilty, we talk so many important things that so many of us experience and so much more. You’re going to LOVE this episode with the wonderful and unbelievable Brooke Siem. 


  • Mental health and anxiety

  • Overidentifying with our labels

  • Comparing our pain to that of someone else and how it holds us back

  • Self-compassions as a practice


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