#37 - Learning to Live & Connect Again After Loss Ft. Christina Marfice

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Some of us have experiences that are incredibly defining moments in our lives. For some of us, those moments are very relatable - a divorce, losing a job, etc. For some of us, it's next level trauma, grief and loss. And that's exactly the case for one of my great friends, Christina Marfice. During her time on Remote Year in 2017, she lost her brother very suddenly. How do we overcome that loss? How do we move on from losing someone so close to us that was such an important figure in our lives? In this episode, Christina tells her story, the struggles of bouncing back, the power of the adult sibling relationship, the experiences, people, and tools that helped her really move on, managing the societal pressures regarding how you "should" grieve, how hardship and sharing that can help build connection and so much more. It's an emotional topic. It's a heavy topic. But I'm so grateful to Christina for sharing her story.


  • Loss of a Sibling

  • How she overcame her loss through experiences, the people that she depended on, the tools that helped her, including therapy and journaling

  • Managing the societal pressures regarding how you “should” grieve and if the fact that she went back to traveling was “okay”

  • Support networks and how we so often build our strongest relationships through hardship

  • The biggest lessons from experiencing this, growing through it, etc.

Resources in this episode:

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