#70 - Owning + Identifying Your STRENGTHS ft. Lindsay Preston

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What are you STRENGTHS? Seriously! Do you know them?

I feel like in our culture, we pay a LOT of attention to our weaknesses. What are we doing wrong? How can we improve them? But so often, the magic and the big thing that we can leverage in our careers and in our lives is our STRENGTHS. But, for many of us, if someone were to ask us what our strengths are...we may not know!

Today's guest, Lindsay Preston, is going to help us do just that! Lindsay Preston is a certified life coach and strategist who believes that, if we want to become the most unstoppable version of ourselves, if we want to achieve our highest potential in our lives, then we've gotta get really real on figuring out what our STRENGTHS truly are!

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  • Determining what our mental blocks or limiting beliefs are and how to change them

  • How our strengths can become weaknesses when they're in overdrive

  • Emotional Intelligence and how to better identifying your feelings

  • Overcoming blocks or beliefs that you’re stuck in

  • Coaching vs. therapy - And when to use both…

  • Determining what our strengths + Why It’s sometimes so hard to identify them

  • Figuring out how our strengths connect to each other…

  • How our blocks and inner monologue develop…

  • Clifton Strengths Finder as a way to identify your top strengths…

  • Identifying WHEN your strengths are in overdrive…

  • Finding the balance in your strengths/weaknesses

    • When to build your knowledge/learn

    • When to partner with others to complement your weaknesses

  • Questions to ask about your strengths:

    • How can I apply this in my relationships?

    • How can I apply this in my life?

  • If you’re saying “Oh I hate this about myself” - that’s a sign that a strength might be in overdrive!

quotes from this episode:

  • "1 in 33 million people have the top 5 strengths that you have…why not use that?”

  • “Sometimes our natural strengths are so strong, they’re in overdrive because we don’t know how to balance them.”

  • “We’re in this society of ‘fix your weakness’ …and that’s all well and fine. But, let’s just focus on what you’re really good at!”

  • “Can you imagine a world where we’re all just doing our best work all the time? How amazing would that be?”

  • “It all goes back to awareness. So, what is the strength? What does it look like in me?”

  • “I took the assessment, put the results in a folder, and never used them again….So, sometimes we just need someone to mentor/guide us.”

  • “Realize that where you are today is enough and that you’ve done enough.”

  • “If I’ve been in the same place and I don’t like the place I’m at, it’s time to change.”

  • “On the other side of that, there are people that are out there and there are tools to help you get unstuck.”

  • “I felt so stuck for so long. And it didn’t have to be that way, but I just didn’t know how to get there.”

  • “Life can feel really fun and exciting and it’s not just some BS show that we’re putting on here!”

Resources in this episode:

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Join the Growth Tribe Academy or learn more here

Follow Lindsay Preston on her website, Instagram, Podcast, etc.

Books and resources…

  • “Self-Compassion” by Dr. Kristin Neff - here

  • Clifton Strengths Finder - Here

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