#69 - How to Get UNSTUCK + JUST START

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Today is a BIG DAY! Today is the one-year anniversary of THE GROWTH TRIBE PODCAST. Well, a little more than a year, but this has been BIG for me. And in honor of this one year anniversary, I want to share with you some of my biggest lessons, my biggest STUCK points along the journey that threatened to keep me from actually starting the Growth Tribe podcast. Today we're going to explore what some of those stuck points were and some of the mindset shifts + action steps we can implement to overcome that stuck-ness!


  • How creating the perfect plan can sometimes become the ultimate in procrastination (and how to overcome it)

  • How perfectionism can be the enemy of putting your thing out there into the world (and why - cliche or not - done is SO MUCH BETTER than perfect!)

  • How sometimes the "fear of changing our mind" and deciding we don't want something down the line keeps us from actually doing it, when it actuality, DOING is the only way we'll ever know if we truly want something in our lives!

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