#71 - Your Dreams Don't Have a DEADLINE...

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Have you ever been FRUSTRATED AF about your progress toward your goals? Your dreams? Well, then headphone UP my friend, cuz today I'm talking straight to you...

Recently, I participated in a group coaching program. And I'll be fully transparent...I didn't get out of it what I wanted to. Yeah, I probably didn't put in the effort, but I was frustrated. And I was questioning myself. I was questioning: "Am I meant for this? Am I meant for this big goal that I have" And there was a big part of me that kind of wondered if I should just quit. Stop trying. Just give up. And then I had something within me that came back and said "NO! F*&K THAT! I am MADE for MORE!"

In this episode, I'm getting really transparent with some of these insecurities, some of the thoughts that I had and some of the realizations that I asked myself to help pull me out of my funk and have helped me realize that the excuses we have, the DEADLINES we impose upon ourselves are B-S! They're B-S! And I'm going to give you some SUPER POWERFUL questions you can ask yourself to give yourself that kick in the booty to just KEEP MOVING FORWARD! 


  • Some #Realtalk About Something that didn’t go my way

  • How sometimes I still feel those instances of wanting to give up

  • A Big Question I asked to reframe these frustrations + hesitations…

  • Some of the important questions to ask to help you find that motivation again

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