#53 - Living Your LEVEL 10 Life ft. Katie Maggio

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What would it look like to live a life of your dreams? What would be dream version of your life when it comes to your environment, relationships, health, career, recreation, etc.? What would that look like for you? That's your level 10. Katie Maggio is a business, life and confidence coach with a mission of helping you not only craft the vision of your level 10 life, but to help you create it in real-time. She's got a no-bullshit that I just love and today's episode is full of tangible tips for how to help you craft your level 10 life and then get out of your own damn way so that you can create it! We also have some logistical changes comin' atcha in today's podcast, including a new intro which I'm obsessed with AND a new format. We're going back to 1x a week because I want to give you quality, even if it means less of a quantity of podcasts, ya dig?


  • Developing presence so that you’re not just living in the past and the future

  • Awareness that you’re not the best version of yourself and how it’s important to realize that so that you can be better

  • How to craft and create your level 10 life and imagining what your perfect world would look like? Perfect world in terms of…

    • Perfect financial world?

    • Perfect spiritual world?

    • Perfect career and purpose?

    • Perfect relationships with your friends, family and significant other?

    • Perfect personal growth and development?

  • Nixing the pessimism, expectations and the definitions of success and allowing yourself to have it all!

  • Just do it. Just show up!

  • Impostor syndrome, perfectionism and judgment and how it will beat us down…

  • Always coming back to where we started on our path

  • The action steps you need to take it from vision to action…

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