#52 - 1 SIMPLE Tool to Help Manage & Overcome Negative Emotions

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Have you ever been really anxious and stressed for something? Maybe you get stuck on this thing looming in your future and even though you KNOW that stressing about it won't help, you can't seem to stop? Maybe that stress turns to fear and you know that it's that shithead perfectionism rearing its ugly head? I know I have. FREQUENTLY! And for me sometimes, it even becomes a physical sensation in my body. Sometimes those fears and all that stress can be paralyzing, am I right? Well, lately in the books I've been reading this has come up a LOT and in all those books, there's 1 SIMPLE TOOL that all these authors have been referring to as a way to help manage and overcome these instances of paralysis and fear. I've been using it and I LOVE IT! And I want to share it with you!


  • Negative emotions and how they can paralyze us

  • The physical sensations that can accompany negative emotion

  • Dr. Tara Brach and a passage from her book “Radical Acceptance”

  • The 1 simple tool that multiple professionals in meditation, social work and therapy have taught to manage and overcome negative emotion - and how I’ve been using it in my own life!

Resources in this episode:

“Radical Acceptance” by Dr. Tara Brach - here

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