#51 - Being FEARLESSLY You & Giving Yourself Permission to Change Your Mind ft. Lauryn Laszczak

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Are you giving yourself permission? Is perfectionism holding you back? Could you use a little more fearlessness in your life? Well, then you need to check out today’s episode! Lauryn Laszczak is a soul sister SUCCESS coach and she’s seriously such a bright light in this world. And in today’s episode, she talks about some of the things she’s experienced in her life, from always having entrepreneurial tendencies and following that voice in her head, to getting her “dream job” and realizing she didn’t want it, to having kids and how she had to release some of her control and perfectionism and how ALL of these things can help you to become more FEARLESSLY & AUTHENTICALLY YOU!


  • Giving yourself permission to change your mind in your work and in your life and overcoming the fear of being flaky

  • Fearlessly going after what we want and following that voice inside you that wants more, wants different

  • Releasing control (and how kids can sometimes be the thing to help you do that) and comparison in your story

  • Authentic communication in our relationships to have more authentic, fearless connections

  • Her top 2 tips for more fearlessly living your life! LOVE THESE!

Resources in this episode:

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