#50 - PROOF that you CAN DO the thing you're SCARED of

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YEAH...YOU CAN! Whether you're scared, anxious, nervous, or freaking the EFF out...you can. And I believe there’s a lot of proof that you can! Some coaches, trainers and "gurus" think that they need to hold tight to their favorite lessons, teachings and tools for their paid programs. And I used to think that too - fearing that I'd give all my best stuff away, but you know what? If my goal is to HELP YOU TRANSFORM, to get clear and get confident so you can TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE, who am I to keep from you the things that can make the BIGGEST differences? So, lately, I've been giving away all the goods! And today is NO DIFFERENT! Because today I'm telling you about one of my fave things, something that I learned about YEARS ago but hadn't actually started USING until the last few months. And it's something you can create too, RIGHT NOW! This thing - it's your PROOF! It's PROOF of all the times in your life not where you've been FEARLESS, but when you've SHOWN UP in spite of fear. It's PROOF that you CAN do the thing you're scared of! And I'm SO excited to tell you about it!   


  • How we tend to react to fear, anxious, nervous or freaking the EFF out

  • How to find the proof that you CAN DO the thing you're scared of

  • Tapping into your inner badass

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