#39 - Finding Your Strength in Changing Your Path ft. Dr. Denise Bronner

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Have you ever gone done a path and then wondered if that’s the right path for you? Maybe you have a PASSIONATE DISLIKE for their career. Maybe you really didn’t mind your career, but you’ve found something else that you’re SO excited about. Those tend to be the two perspectives people have when they’re considering changing their path. And from that, we start to wonder what to do! How do you navigate this situation? CAN you change paths at this stage of the game? When I was making a change in my career, today’s guest is one of the people that was instrumental in helping me navigate that. Dr. Denise Bronner was a classmate and friend from my time in my doctoral program. Ever the badass human and scientist, she kicked some serious booty in graduate school, earning some publications in some top tiers and eventually going on to continue being a badass as a postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis. But soon, she realized that she wanted something different too. She digs into how she navigated that change for herself. If you’re a scientist or graduate student and want some understanding in the ways in which you’re struggling in your career, LISTEN TO THIS podcast. Even if you’re not though and you’re considering making a change in your own career, then you TOO need to LISTEN to this episode. Also, don’t forget to register for my masterclass at coachellyn.com/masterclass!


  • Giving yourself permission to change your mind and want something different

  • The long journey that builds up the moment you decide to change your path

  • Self-awareness is key and knowing what you want and where our strengths are

  • Realizing you’re not starting over because you DO have transferable skills

  • Taking the leap and not being bogged down by the traditional and conventional beliefs of your field

  • The necessity of support and fighting support systems along the way

Resources in this episode:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck - Mark Manson - here

Zero to One - Peter Thiel - here

The Alchemist - Paolo Coelho - here

The Nature Fix - here

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Or feel free to Email Denise at dnbronner@ucdavis.edu

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