What's the Difference: The EmPack vs. The Empack Nomad


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Ya’ll know I’m obsessed with the Empack from Evolved Motion. I think we’re past belaboring that point, right? Well, after traveling for the past almost 6 months with BOTH the OG Empack (aka. The original, larger capacity backpack) and the Empack Nomad (the newbie, smaller backpack), you might be asking, which one is BETTER?? What the hell is the ultimate difference? Well, lemme break it down for ya!


Laptops. The OG Empack is geared toward people who will be carrying a laptop. It’s got a built-in laptop sleeve, which is def a bonus, but, really, The Nomad fits a laptop as well! I have a 15″ laptop and it fits in the Nomad , too! Granted, it’s a more snug fit, but it definitely fits! Actually, I have been using the Nomad as more of my go-to day-to-day carry-my-shit-to-work bag (depending upon the level of crime in a city…more on that later). Why? Well, that brings me to my next point, which ultimately is the biggest thing that separates the OG Empack from the Nomad…

Weight Capacity. The OG Empack just holds more weight. You can fit up to 4 filled Evolved Motion sleeves in the OG Empack. The Nomad ?It holds only 1 and a water bladder. That’s the biggest distinguishing factor.

Closure style.  This is something that my travels might care a lot about! One of the things that I loved about the OG Empack is the dry bag-type closure. The bag rolls closed at the top as opposed to having a zipper, similar to a dry bag. Why do I like this? Simple. Security. As a bag that someone might be using for traveling, the roll top isn’t as easy for petty criminals and pickpockets to get into. They would have to uncinch, unroll and reach inside the bag to steal anything, which would be pretty damn difficult to do without being noticed. The Nomad, however, has a simple zipper closure. Now admittedly, this works a lot better for the Nomad’s intended purpose (for hiking/outdoor adventuring), but that added security feature is lost.


This really depends on what you’re using your Empack for and HOW MUCH WEIGHT you want to be able to work with.

Heavy lifter? You’re probably going want to check out the OG Empack because it, flat-out, holds more weight.

Do you care more about the ability to hike with a hydration bladder? Maybe the Nomad is more your speed…with the added bonus that you still have the potential for a bit of weight training.

Are you a traveler and love that added security of the OG’s roll-top closure? Then, maybe the OG Empack is more your speed.

Do you see benefits to both? In all honesty, I have LOVED traveling with both of them. They pack so damn flat within my suitcase that it really isn’t a bother to travel with both of them. That way, I can get my sweat on with the OG Empack and use the Nomad for more of my day-to-day activities can I say? The lazy girl in me loves not having to remove the weighted water sleeves are reattach the backpack straps after every single workout!

So, those really are the biggest differences. They’re both made with the same awesome, sustainable, durable af Cordura material. They both have reinforced handles for lifting. They both can have padded straps with sternum strap. They’re both kickass backpacks.


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