My Top 10 Reasons why I Workout at Home

Are you one of those people that struggles to get to the gym? Maybe you're a victim of your excuses?


I have been working out at home for 2+ years now, and I am a HUGE proponent of it! And here's why...

It takes WAY LESS TIME! My biggest difficulty when I was trying to work out in college or when I was a technician after college was getting to the gym, getting my workout in, and then getting home! A 30 minute workout could take an hour - and that's if your commute to the gym is only 15 mins! What if it was longer? Well, personally my gym trip would be nonexistent if that was the case! Probably the number one reason for me why I love to workout at home is that it takes SO much less time! Cut out the commute and a 30 minute workout really does take ONLY 30 minutes!

You don't have to look "cute!" There's something REALLY awesome about not worrying about what you wear. Some would say that it shouldn't matter anyways, but hey - when I can just roll out of bed and work out with no pants on, or just in my pajamas - there's something really awesome about that! Do I need to put my contacts in? Nope. Do I need to brush my hair? Nope. (And we already addressed that pants are optional!) Seriously - there's something really awesome about this set up! 

You can BUST a MOVE, my friend! Ever been at the gym and just wanted permission to completely and utterly ROCK OUT!? Ya - me too! Sucks having to contain your inner rock star doesn't it? Well, if you're at home, you don't have to contain yourself! You can blast that music as loud as you want (okay, within reason - we don't want your neighbors to kill you!) and you can bust a move or sing along as much as you want! No plugging in those headphones necessary! 

It's Cheaper! One of my biggest motivations when I first moved for grad school to start working out at home was to save money! Monthly fees for gym can get EXPENSIVE, right?! I mean, I know that there are cheap gym options, but your house is FREE! Why not workout for free?!

You can work out in shifts! I've talked to many a stay-at-home mom and student that say even a 30 minute block of time if a luxury that they don't have. I get it - our time is precious! But what about breaking that up into chunks? For many people, 10 mins 3x a day is MUCH more practical than that 30 min block. But, that's a really unrealistic thing to do if you're working out at the gym! At home though - no problemo!

You'll have better concentration. Let's face it - gyms are social! You may be the type of person that thrives on that, but maybe you're the type that gets really irritated when somebody wants to chit-chat in the middle of your workout. Working out at home provides you with way less distraction, and therefore way better concentration and getting your workout done more effectively!

It's a Judgment-free Zone! I know for many people that are new to working out, going to a gym can be intimidating. I mean, that idea in and of itself turned into a business formula for places like Planet Fitness with their whole "No Gym-timidation" deal. I think a lot of people forget though that their home can be that for them too! I mean, if there's any place you shouldn't feel judged or intimidated, it's in the comfort of your own home! So take advantage of it!

You can provide your own entertainment! We talked about you busting a move earlier! But what if the big game is on? What if you want to watch your favorite TV show or movie? Ummm - who says you can't do that AND get your workout in? Whether you're a music listener, like to watch TV or movies, or I have friends that like to listen to audiobooks while they workout - whatever you like, you can provide yourself with ANY entertainment you want when you workout!

You can provide a GREAT EXAMPLE to your family! This is a huge bonus! I know so many moms, grandparents, older siblings who want to set a good example to the people in their life by getting healthy. What if not only could they see you getting healthy, but they also could see you working out? Working out at home sets a great example for your family. I have a friend who's little boy will actually put in her workout DVD and say "I workout now too!" after she's done. If that's not setting a great example I don't know what is!

There really are NO EXCUSES! I've totally been that person who got to the gym after work and forgot my head phones, my head band, my socks...and bailed on my workout. It's seriously amazing how much something little like your headphones can REALLY mess with your workout mojo! When you workout at home - there's really no excuse! 

  • Your clothes are in the other room
  • You don't have to commute so you have the time - and you can make it fit your schedule!
  • Your water is nearby!
  • Your headphones are there!
  • You're at home - so you don't have to be self-conscious!
  • And your know what to do - sweat! Even if you don't, I can give you tips OR you can do an at-home workout program to get your sweating in a way you love!


Workout out at home isn't for everyone, but if you find yourself making excuses about getting to the gym, it may be for you! If you're wanting to try it, but need some accountability, I encourage you to sign-up for aChallenge Group! These groups are FREE! Not only will you be supported by me as your coach, but other incredible, motivating, supportive women who are also working to get healthy! I'll help you figure out which at-home workout program will work for you, and we'll get you started off right! Or there's tons of other options that we can figure out for you! :-) 


Together, we can figure out what works best for you!