#65 - Why "TRYING" + Dabbling Isn't Serving You...

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"Well, I'll give it a try..." How many times have you heard yourself saying that? Or...my favorite and one of my go-to's: "We'll see how it goes..." You know what I realized last week? That this kind of mentality isn't serving ANY OF US! In fact, it's setting us up for failure! 

In today's episode, we're talking about exactly that!  Why "TRYING" + Dabbling Isn't Serving You... and why, if you really want to know if something is going to make a difference, an IMPACT on your life, your business, your relationships, your future...you've gotta do more than try! You've gotta put in your due diligence and give it an honest to God effort! In today's episode, I detail what that means and why it's so damn important! Enjoy!


  • Some of the soft language we use

  • Why it’s not serving us

  • Why I believe in 90 day commitments

  • Debunking some of the “90 days is too long” excuses

  • So much more!

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