#64 - Why Your POOP Might Be the Key to MORE ENERGY ft. Laurie Seely

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I legitimately never thought I’d have so much fun talking about poop…but with Laurie Seely, it’s just that! SO DAMN FUN! Laurie is a functional medicine health coach, Young Living essential oils lover, mom and professional opera singer! She suffered from IBS and for years, experiencing all the horrible (+ embarrassing) symptoms that go along with it! Then she found a health coach and the School of Applied Functional Medicine and it was a game-changer! She learned how to kill her Candida, repair her gut, and now she helps others do just that through her work as a health “detective”, teaching people through her workshops, group programs, essential oils and 1-on-1 coaching how to heal themselves. In today’s episode, we talk the bristol stool chart, the cost of leaving with a damaged gut and how healing yourself can help you get extra energy, clearer skin and so much more! Take a listen!


  • Quality of the life costs of having gut health issues

  • Planning your life around the restroom

  • The Bristol Stool chart, quick fixes you can make, etc. which you can learn more about here

  • Quick fixes like hydration, magnesium supplementations (and why we struggle with magnesium insufficiency)…

  • Constipation - acute vs. chronic and why you need to poop more!

  • Common causes of diarrhea and constipation

  • What’s normal (in terms of pooping)…And how you should be pooping is 3 times a day! I feel like my pediatrician lied to me…

  • Some of the most common food sensitivities - dairy, wheat, eggs (I know…I was upset about eggs too!)

Resources in this episode:

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Follow Laurie Seely on her website, Instagram, Facebook, her Facebook Group: “Candida, IBS + Heavy Metals Education” here, or call her at 917-328-9696

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