#25 - Taking Action & Making Moves in 2019 with Kacia Fitzgerald


Ladies and gentleman…today’s quest is the quintessential woman of action, the queen of making moves…and so much more. I’m so pumped to welcome Kacia Fitzgerald. When I met her in 2014, she was just kicking off a new side hustle, living in NYC, supporting her boyfriend through dental school and just starting a job at Google. If that doesn’t sound badass enough, this girl took a good life and decided she wanted a GREAT one. She quit her job and kicked off what would become a 7-figure business mentoring women to take back their health and their life through online fitness coaching. In this episode, her and I are going to get ACTIONABLE on how you can set yourself up to not only take action in your new year but, as she says, to UNAPOLOGETICALLY make some MOVES! 


Ummmm well, we talked about all the things, but here’s a little bit of a rundown for you guys! 

  • Enjoy the process. A couple tips and tricks for how you can learn to enjoy the process more, especially if you’re a 3 on the Enneagram personality test (like me and her boyfriend are!)

  • Listen to the voice that wants “more”. Both Kacia’s story and mine were spurred by the desire to have more. To not settle for good when you could have great and for both of us, we started off our search for more with health & fitness.

  • Pick ONE thing to focus. Ever since Kacia and I talked about this, I have been putting this into action in my life. Cuz too often, our epic to-do lists just overwhelm the hell out of us. So, instead of focusing on the to-do list, let’s all try to identify the one thing, the one place that we can focus our energy to start making moves as we kickoff the year.

  • Build your momentum. Once you’ve identified your one thing, be consistent with it! Consistently is going to build momentum, or add drops to your “confidence bucket” as Kacia calls it, and that confidence is going to help give you clarity!

  • Accountability & Asking For Support in the Right Way. Kacia’s business originated around the idea of having accountability in pursuing a healthier life, but accountability and support doesn’t stop there. We need it everywhere! Social support is huge in making changes in our lives. So, if you don’t have it create it by asking for support you need from the people in your life and bonus, telling them what that support looks like.

  • The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance and Why we Should STOP Striving for it. Our girl debunks why work-life balance is complete and utter bullshit and damn do I agree.

  • How to Seek Boundaries in your Life. How to create boundaries in your life by scheduling and doing something as simple as a weekly review. 


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