#73 - Why FAILURE is a NECESSARY Part of the Process

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If you're a perfectionist...an Enneagram type 3 achiever...this is probably the episode for you! ;-) For MOST of us, failure is something we're NOT a fan of. Especially in the process of trying to achieve our goals. And when we struggle, it can be REALLY easy for us to compare, to judge our worthiness and our value and to really get down on ourselves.

This is an episode that was very inspired by my students and some of our conversations about failure. And recently, I had a 16-year-old student who said to me: "I feel like I learn more when I make a mistake..." and you best believe I got fired up and went into straight PREACHER mode. Because this student? She'd learned a lesson that many adults have yet to learn. And I was SO pumped.

So, in today's episode, we're going to get REALLY REAL about failure. About the lessons that failure can teach us. How, like this student said, you truly do learn SO MUCH MORE when we make mistakes, when we fail. Failure? It's our BIGGEST TEACHER! It's an INSTRUMENTAL teacher. And I'm going to break down for you how you can learn to appreciate failure for exactly what it is and how it can help us!

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  • The importance of learning to persevere + be resilient

  • The lesson of “Learning When You Make Mistakes”, as taught by my 16-year-old student…

  • Most adults haven’t learned the importance of failing forward and it can hold us back

  • How sometimes we judge ourselves, compare ourselves, etc. based on our failings…

  • How failure can be a powerful teacher + tool…

  • Some Action Steps:

    • Identify what the “failure” is…

    • Reflect + Evaluate the “failure” by asking:

      • What went well? What was helpful in the process that helped move you form?

      • What didn’t go well? And how can you improve on that in the future?

      • Identify the core lessons + action steps. Look back at your answers to your previous questions.

    • Commit to implementing them! It’s all fine and dandy to identify what went wrong, but we have to implement the lesson! That’s the key…

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