#55 - Redefining SUCCESS, Living in ABUNDANCE and DARING Daily ft. Sylvia Jagla

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So many of us really want to be successful in our lives. So we do what we think we “should” do to get there. Maybe we have all the outward trappings of success - the status, financial security, respect, etc. - but maybe we’re still not happy. That was exactly what today’s guest - Business & Leadership coach Sylvia Jagla - went through as well. In today’s episode, she tells us a bit about her story, about how she had to dig deep and redefine success on her terms. Along the way, she learned some amazing lessons, the power of abundance, and the importance of daring daily. Plus - she’s given us a special Growth Tribe BONUS! Head below for the link to get 100 Euros off on a Personal Growth Sailing Retreat in Croatia!


  • A little about Sylvia’s story

  • Finding corporate success and realizing that that success wasn’t hers

  • How to redefine success on your terms

  • Mindfulness, meditation and yoga and how they were so healing along her journey

  • The difference between abundance, gratitude and manifesting

  • What does it mean to Dare Daily and why is it SO pivotal in creating a life of your dreams

Resources in this episode:

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“Those That Inspire” - Personal Growth Sailing Retreat in Croatia - Learn More Here and CLICK HERE for 100 Euros OFF on the Retreat! If you have questions, feel free to contact Sylvia at info@sylviajagla.com

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