#56 - Why You're Losing Motivation

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Why do we LOSE motivation?! Why do we have ALL the motivation in the world...and then a week or month later it's gone? For many of us, a decision to "make a change" in our lives comes from a negative experience. And those emotions push into action. But here's what happens. Eventually, we get far enough away from the problem that we no longer feel the threat. We start to feel safe. So, we take the foot of the gas...to the point where eventually we might even stop moving altogether. And there is the PROBLEM! In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to go from being pushed to being pulled and how you can create that pull toward your dream life using 3 simple but POWERFUL steps!


  • The pattern of push vs pull

  • Why we have so much motivation when we get started - the PUSH

  • Why we “lose” that motivation - when really we just succumb to comfort and safety and take our foot of the gas

  • My 3 tips from going from push to pull and finding that intrinsic motivation to pull you toward your dreams

    • Maintain Momentum

    • Following Excitement and Joy

    • Dig Deep into Your WHY

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