#46 - How to Get UNSTUCK From Your Labels

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Ever had an identity crisis?! I have after I blew my knee out in soccer, after I had to finally stop playing, after leaving my PhD and then leaving science in 2017...each time it felt like a hit to my identity. Some identities stick with us forever in a great way....but others can be DEBILITATING AF and come to define who we are in not-so-positive ways. But we ARE NOT our labels. We are SO MUCH MORE! In this episode, we're going to talk labels, how they can make us feel stuck, and how to switch up your mindset to get through any identity crisis you might be struggling with.


  • Why it’s dangerous to over identify with your labels

  • Some of my identity crises as a result of that - soccer and science

  • Our labels can be taken away from us

  • How to change your mindset around labels and what about them you identify with

  • How to work through the “stuck-ness” of overidentifying with our labels…

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