#45 - Telling YOUR Story, Overcoming Comparison & Overcoming Labels Ft. Emily Heidt

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This is a MUST LISTEN, CONTENT-PACKED episode! I'm so pumped to have Emily Heidt on today's podcast. She's an editor, writer, writing coach and founder of Elysian storytelling. But, more so than that she's someone who believes to her very core that we all have stories to tell and is passionate about helping other do that. In this episode, we talk why we need to tell our stories, how we connect through stories, perfectionism, comparison and labels and how all 3 can hold us back by living and boldly telling our story. It's a jam packed episode and was an amazing conversation and I'm so pumped to share it! For show notes, head to coachellyn.com/podcast and be sure to head to coachellyn.com/transform for a FREE coaching session. Follow us on IG @thegrowthtribepodcast or @coachellyn!


  • How tThe importance of telling your story

  • Connection through storytelling

  • Is social media a good thing for storytelling?

  • Comparison, labels and the crappiness of the word “should”

  • Being single and some of the struggles of labels in the entrepreneurial and life process

  • Creating what you need in terms of finding connection

  • Celebrating small wins and so much more!

  • Re-reading old favorite books and self-help books because we learn so much at different times in our lives

  • Harry Potter nerds for LIFE!

Resources in this episode:

Check out Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - here

Check out “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert - here

Follow Emily and Elysian Storytelling on her website, her Instagram - Continue the party! ;-)

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