#44 - Do You Have a Growth or Fixed Mindset?

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I'm going to caution you right now - don't be the person who brushes this concept off. Because for a long time I was! In starting my new position, I reread the work of Dr. Carol Dweck and her amazing book Mindset. I remembering loving this book before and being floored by it, but also kind of coming at it from the perspective of "Well, yeah, of course I can learn! Why else would we have school?" But kind of leaving it there. Upon reading this a second time and discussing this book with fellow trainees, clients and others, I've realized that there are a lot of intricacies and subtleties to these mindset and how so often our language around things like our speaking ability, our level of organization, our ability to do a particular subject or activity, etc. really can help us uncover the fixed mindset we have that might be flying under the radar in our lives. This episode is all about the subtleties of this concept, helping you develop awareness of the places that fixed mindset might be showing up for you in your life and, last but not least, showing you the 1 SINGLE WORD that can help send you in the right direction. Head to coachellyn.com/transform if you need extra support!


  • Some background on Dr. Dweck’s work on Mindset

  • What are the growth and fixed mindsets?

  • It’s not a lightswitch, but more a slider

  • You can be growth mindset about one thing, and fixed mindset about another

  • How your language can help show you where the growth mindset is showing up for you

  • The one word that can help you send your fixed mindset in the right direction

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