#41 - Falling in Love with the PROCESS & the Behind-the-Scenes Mess Ft. Jacki Kouba

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I'm so excited to welcome to the podcast someone who has been so crucially important to my life and who was instrumental into introducing me to the coaching world! Meet Jacki Kouba - former plan-less college student turned corporate recruiter who finally followed her dreams of creating a life of more freedom by creating a booming network marketing business! Yes - network marketing and Beachbody play a big part in her story, but that is not what our conversation is about today! Jacki and I talk comparison - particularly to her badass best friend Kacia, who you heard from in episode 25 - and the effects it can have if you let it, the importance of falling in love with the process and make it FUN AF as well as embracing the messy behind-the-scenes that we ALL have! I love this girl so much and I hope you love her too!


  • How it’s okay to not have a plan

  • Getting fired can be a blessing in disguise

  • The network marketing lifestyle

  • Feeling pressure to portray a certain image on social media and How that pressure lead to credit card debt

  • Falling in love with the process for the right reasons!

  • Comparison and how it can affect you if you let it and some of the important realizations JAcki made in managing those feelings in her life and biz

  • Managing and embracing the behind the scenes messes that we all experience and starting to connect with people over these things!

Resources in this episode:

You are a Badass - Jen Sincero - here

The Power of Vulnerability - Brene Brown - here

Follow Jacki Kouba on Instagram - here

And yes - you can even follow Jacki’s cat, Nugget on Instagram - here

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