#42 - When Chasing Your Goals Isn't All Positive Vibes...

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Today is one of those days for some #realtalk, because I KNOW that going after your goals and chasing your dreams isn't all positive vibes! There are so many negative emotions that can come up to. Even if we REALLY want something, are REALLY working for a goal, really WANT to make a change, we can still feel overwhelmed, embarrassed about sharing that goal, guilty, and face a lot of fear. What do we do when we face those emotions? I know, when I was dealing with them, I somehow thought that I was alone in feeling these things because everyone else looked SO CONFIDENT on social media. So SURE of themselves. And I wasn't. So, was it just me? Well, I recorded this episode to not only show you that NO, it's not just you, that these feelings are totally normal, that they're part of the process and to also give you some tangible tips and tools to help you navigate these negative emotions. Cuz it's not all positive vibes...I know that babe! And I want to help you work through the negative!


  • The negative emotions that can come up when you’re chasing your goals and dreams

  • Overwhelm with not only WHAT you want, but HOW to get

  • How to deal with that overwhelm

  • Embarrassment, Guilt and Fear when SHARING your goals and dreams

  • Figuring out who’s opinion really matters to you as you pursue your dreams

  • Worry, why it comes up, why it’s 1000% normal and actually a good sign!

  • How to overcome that worry

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