Lower Pro Photo Sport BP 200 AW2: Winning at All Levels

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Carlsbad Caverns bound in New Mexico! My pack came with me everywhere on this trip! Even to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon - below!

Carlsbad Caverns bound in New Mexico! My pack came with me everywhere on this trip! Even to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon - below!

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If you were ever possibly considering getting a backpack camera bag, or heck a camera bag period, well, my friend, I'm telling you, this is the one!

This bag has everything you could possible need for adventure, with great, secure compartments for your camera equipment, a hydration pack, and extra room for snacks or gear all in a compact size!

This was given to me as a birthday present from my parents after my dad had loved his. I just took it on a 3.5 week cross-country USA road trip, and it was my go-to bag for all of my adventures. 

And I must not be the only one who thinks so because as I write this, this bag is Out of Stock on the Lower Pro website. It's just that awesome.


  • EXTREME Durability. The bag is made with "terra strength" nylon. I don't know what that is, but all I can tell you is that I put this bag through the ringer and it still looks new, but maybe with a little bit of dirt!
  • All-Weather Cover. I didn't even know I had this until after our Mesa Verde tour almost got rained out. I was frantically trying to stash my camera gear in gallon ziplocks trying to keep it dry on our tour, when I could have simply pulled the cover out of the bottom of the back and over the top of my pack! Instant dry-ness.
  • Secure Camera Storage. Not only does this pack have a storage compartment for my Nikon D5100 camera, but it has an extra slot for my additional lens, which is a pretty hefty piece of equipment. It's a snug compartment, but that's actually perfect! I don't have to worry about my equipment rattling around. It's nestled into a protected, cushioned pocket in the side of the backpack. And if I want access to it? I don't even have to take my backpack all the way off. I just slip one of my backpack straps off and pull the pack around my body, undo a snap and a zipper and voila! I'm photo-op ready!
  • Hip belt pockets. I always love extra storage and the hip-belt had pockets on both sides! Perfect for stashing my lens cap when I'm using my camera, keys, snacks, or tickets (which may have been a good idea at Mesa Verde when I lost our Balcony House tour tickets!)
  • Gear attachment loops. Do you need to carry trekking poles? A tripod? Maybe you're sick of carrying your baseball hat (this girl right here!). The gear attachment loops on top of the front pouch were perfect for tying in those extra pieces of gear or things that you just didn't want to carry loose!
  • Room for a 2L hydration pack. It doesn't come with the bag, but I got a 2L camelbak on Amazon for easy hydration while on the trail and it was such a must have! When you're not using the hydration system, though, this is a great pocket for stashing important travel documents, like tickets, passports, or passport copies while you're on the move. It's secure because it's right against your back! Ain't nobody breaking in there! ;-) Note on the 2L hydration pack. Yes, it will fit when it's full! It's a snug fit, though! I highly suggest packing your filled hydration pack first before you pack anything else! It will all fit, you just need to pack the hydration pack first!
  • Front pouch for extra storage. I love front pouches for stashing odds and ends! It was my go-to spot for putting maps and brochures while we were exploring parks or for stashing a jacket that was no longer necessary, like in Yellowstone and Yosemite!
  • Main compartment storage. Of course, there's storage in the main pocket, but don't be surprised if it's not a lot! Remember, you've got your camera equipment taking up storage at the bottom of the main compartment! But that doesn't mean you're lacking on space! At the Grand Canyon, I managed to fit snacks, a wallet, my souvenoirs that I purchased and 2 extra liters of water in this packs main pocket. Trust me - you are not short on space!
  • Easy-Access top pocket with a key chain clip! I used this little pocket for spare camera batteries, SD cards, my sunglasses, and probably should've used it for my keys, but I'm a goofball and ended up throwing those in the main pocket 90% of the time. I thought it worked perfect for those spare camera odds and ends and that's what I recommend using it for!
  • Secure Fit. The back has an adjustable hip belt, adjustable shoulder traps, sternum strap (with a whistle!) and snaps all over the bag to secure your belongings. This thing fit securely to back no matter what I was doing!

Pick up yours here: Photo Sport BP 200 AWII from Lower Pro


Check out my video review to take a peek inside the pack!