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Cuz what good is asking for “more” without a compelling vision of what “more” is?

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wednesday, february 13th, 2019 @ 5pm PST/ 8pm EST


I love when I hear someone say – “I just want ‘more’ for my life”….

Just 4.5 years ago, that’s exactly what I was feeling. I had a good life. A life that I could be happy with. But, I wanted something different. Something more. But what does ‘more’ even mean?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. I can’t tell you what your more will look like, but what I can do is walk you through step by step what I did to identify and create clarity around what that ‘more’ was for and help you make some epic mindset changes that will be so freaking necessary to get you there.

For me, 2019 is about intention…

And what that intention means to me is about making sure that you and I are spending our valuable time – the most valuable f’ing resource we have on this planet I might add – working toward things that are in alignment with our bigger vision for our lives.

And step 1 of that Process?

Identifying what that vision is


we will also be…

Aligning our goals with our bigger WHY and values
Creating a game plan to take our big vision from pipe dream to “Hell yeah this shit is possible”
Nixing overwhelm, frustration and burnout in the process

So often, we skip some of the most important steps of the process. We set a goal before we’ve identified our values and our why and the goal doesn’t end up fulfilling us. We neglect creating a game plan for achieving our goal and therefore don’t create the necessary momentum and consistent action to carry us through the finish line. We don’t proactiving address

Are you Ready To Compel?


  • CREATE CLARITY that will COMPEL you toward your exciting future, DREAM life?
  • Nix the shitty mindset that’s kept you from acting up until this point?
  • Align your purpose, your why and your values to inform ALL your FUTURE GOAL SETTING?
  • Create a game plan that will FEED YOU MOMENTUM and take you from start to finish?
Then you, my Friend…

are not going to want to miss this masterclass!

are you in? 

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