#48 - 8 Mile Rap Battles + Getting Out of Your Own DAMN HEAD!

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Yes, in this episode I totally use an 8 mile reference to make a point. Chock it up to my time living in Michigan or the fact that I can rap "Lose Yourself" #partytrick, but I actually think it makes the point quite well about why we self-deprecate so freely, the purpose that serves in our lives and why it's SO hard to get out of our damn HEADS! For all my people-pleasers, perfectionists and negative nancies out there, this one is for you. I'm going to give some examples of the seemingly innocent self-deprecating comments we make, why we make them and WHY it's such a PROBLEM! Plus my 3 steps to help you ditch that shitty mindset and GET OUT of your own damn head!  For show notes, head to coachellyn.com/podcast and be sure to head to coachellyn.com/transform for a FREE coaching session. Follow us on IG @thegrowthtribepodcast or @coachellyn!   


  • 8 Mile rap battles + How it relates to self-deprecation and self-criticism. You can watch the clip I’m referring to here.

  • Why we self-critique and the function it plays in our lives

  • Confidence Undermining behaviors

  • The dangers of consistent self-deprecation

  • 3 Steps to axing self-deprecation and self-critical language to help you get OUT of your own damn head!

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