#62 - Living with Anxiety + Destigmatizing Mental Health ft. Annie Jacobsen

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Ever since the genesis of this podcast, I've been dying to have this conversation! Today's episode features Annie Jacobsen, one of my best friends, Remote Year travel compadre, former RY roomie and just an all-around amazing human being. She's been on the podcast before (see the rambunctious group interview in episode #8), but I've been dying to have her on to talk a bit more about her long-term struggles with anxiety, what it's like, what the misconceptions and stigmas are, how she's struggled with it, how to better understand it even if you're just trying to support a friend or family member and what it's like to live with anxiety. I'm so grateful to her for sharing her story and for telling some never-before-heard personal stories to paint a really intimate picture of what life with anxiety is like!


  • How the logical steps of school, getting a degree and being a D1 athlete helped her naturally manage her anxiety

  • Anxiety and a lack of control

  • Managing anxiety through boundary setting, recharging and accountability buddies

  • What you should and should not say + do if someone you know experiences anxiety

  • Talking about it + destigmatizing it

  • Travel and its effects on anxiety

  • So much more!

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Books and resources… “Notes on a Nervous Planet” by Matt Haig - click here; The Calm App - Meditation Techniques for Stress - click here; Mini trampoline - click here

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