Time to Trot the Globe, For Real...


Well, since we officially booked the tickets last night, I guess it’s about time I share the fun news! I will be leaving on Dec 30th to travel around the world for a YEAR!

I got into a program called Remote Year over the summer! I applied on a whim and didn’t think much of it. All I knew is I'd seen friends of mine traveling on this program and it looked amazing. Why not apply and see what happens? Well, a month later I had been informed that I had been accepted! And Holy shit did the adventure become real!

How It works

Basically, through an extensive application process, Remote Year puts together a group of professionals. We all vary from project managers to writers to photographers to entrepreneurs to (apparently) now a science writer/coach. I will be traveling with this group of remote workers and together we will work and travel the globe for a YEAR,. We will be spending 1 month in various locations around the globe for 12 months.

My itinerary as of now is...

  • January - Buenos Aires
  • February - Córdoba, Argentina
  • March - Lima, Peru
  • April - Medellin, Colombia’s
  • May - Bogota, Colombia
  • June- Mexico City
  • July - Lisbon, Portugal
  • August - Prague
  • September - Belgrade, Serbia
  • October - Split, Croatia
  • November - Morocco
  • December - Cape Town, South Africa

Don't worry, I will keep you all updated both on this blog and be linking to my adventures from this post!

EXCITED DOESN’T EVEN COME CLOSE TO HOW I FEEL! 😁😁 Wooooo!!!! T-minus 2 months until I’m Buenos Aires bound!!! 🌎🌎