The Epic United States Cross-Country Road Trip

road trip.png

3.5 weeks. 6000 miles. 18 states. and a hell of a vacation!

At the end of July 2017, I had officially wrapped up my life in Michigan! But I didn't want to just move straight back to my hometown near Seattle! I wanted to make my travels count. So, starting in October 2016, I started planning a road trip. How could I really make my move back to Seattle count?

As I started planning the trip, I knew that there was one area that I wanted to make it to - the Grand Canyon area! So I built my road trip around that, around visiting my Aunt in Boise, ID, and around getting to Idaho on a certain day so that my friend could fly back to start graduate school. And from all that...I ended up with the following stops along my road trip!

As I write blog posts about each of these stops, I'll add links below to each of the stops I made, but in the meantime, these were the big places that we hit along the way!


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