Hey...I'm Ellyn!

and let me just say, I get you. 

I get the struggles you deal with and how hard it is to build a life outside of your career when there's so much competition and pressure to succeed. I get that you feel like you have to dedicate everything you have to your  career, and that sometimes you can lose yourself because of it. I get how hard it is to balance your relationships, your health, your own personal growth, your hobbies, and your own goals with school and your career.

I get it because I've been there. I spent 10 years doing biomedical research and started my PhD in Microbiology in 2013. After toiling through my graduate program, I called bullshit on my excuses and made the decision to leave to pursue a life and career that were a better fit for my goals. 

My goal now is to help you find the balance, happiness, health, and fulfillment in your life that you've been missing. Because you don't have to sacrifice one part of your life for another. You don't have to feel jaded because your profession is causing you to miss out on the other things in your life that you love. And you don't have to feel like your science or your profession are the only things that matter. 

There's more to you than that. You know it and I know it! And I know how to help you find yourself again by showing you how to find that balance in your life again.

I'm also someone who has spent my entire life seeking external validation from others, who internalized what I perceived as people's negative judgments and let them color an incredibly negative perspective on myself, body and mind. As a former competitive athlete, I turned into a lazy college student who time and time again would let school and work take me away from the commitments I had and the person I wanted to be!  Until I stopped letting them!

I'm a little sister, a daddy's girl, a Seattle-ite with massive Seattle pride, a soccer fiend, and a lover of all things personal development and growth! I'm a coffee, Malbec and craft beer-drinking outgoing introvert on an adventure of growth, travel and adventure. As of 2018, I have taken off on the adventure of a lifetime with Remote Year!

Read more about my story below!


I am on a Mission...

To start a global conversation about graduate student mental health, especially in STEM fields.

To develop a global movement wherein everyone throughout the world spends 15 minutes a day doing intentional personal development.

To be the best version of myself as often as I possibly can, to live with mind-blowing unapologetic authenticity and take courageous action every day in my life so that I can live a life of passion, confidence, connection and fulfillment and encourage others to do the same.



Physical Transformation

A little on my struggles with body confidence and self-image and how I went from 30 lbs overweight college graduate to the leanest I've ever been in my life, to the strongest!


Personal Growth

The physical transformation for me was only a third of the battle! When I started coaching for Beachbody, I realized the physical only gets you so far! It's once you start doing the mental work that you really start seeing the changes in your self and in your life!




Career change

It's no secret to any of my followers that I was pretty miserable in graduate school. And it wasn't until I got brave enough to take a good hard look at my that I realized that my path was heading in the wrong direction and it was up to me to make the decision to change it!

Things I Love

Throughout the years of trying new workout gear, trying different brands and products, reading tons and tons of personal growth books, you best believe I've got some recommendations!

Check them out below!



Passion Projects

Cuz who would I be if I told you to chase your passions and your dreams and to prioritize the things you love most in your life, without doing so in my own life? So here are some of my passion projects! From science to music to photography!