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SCientist. COACH. Author.

I'm Ellyn and I get where you are right now!

Trying to balance work, school, relationships, health, finances, your passions and hobbies, etc. It's exhausting and time-consuming! How can we possibly do it all? Well, I'm telling you, you can! You just need the tools in your life that allow you to do so! That's where I come in.

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I'm also writing my first book, where former and current graduate students are getting candid about their experiences in grad school! I'm still taking interviews, too if you'd like to contribute!

In 2018, I'll also be traveling the world with Remote Year! Follow my adventures  here or on Instagram!

I'm a former doctoral student, scientist-turned life coach, wanderlusting, photography, fitness, music, personal growth, science, coffee, wine, craft beer and movie lover!

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