Products I Love...

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CAMPING & Hiking:

EtekCity Ultralight, Portable Backpacking & Camping Stove. This guy was an asbolute champ on my EPIC USA ROAD TRIP. Read the review here. Check out the Etekcity stove here.

MalloMe Mess Kit for Backpacking & Hiking. This stackable, 10-piece cooking set was not only inexpensive, but it was perfectly compact and light, the perfect little addition to my USA road trip, that I could very easily transition to backpacking! Get yours here.

Lower Pro Photo Sport AW II Camera Backpack. As I said in my review, not only is this thing "winning at all levels," but in my opinion there really is no other backpack to get if you want a good hiking pack that is meant for camera gear! Not only does it have dedicated pockets for your camera equipment, but it has plenty of room for other odds and ends, camera accessories, as well as a CamelBak pocket that fits a 2L hydration reservoir. Check out my YouTube walk-through here or head to LowerPro to get yours!

Travel GEAR & Other Suggestions:

Eddie Bauer Rolling Duffle. This duffle is amazeballs! Haha. I don't know how else to put it! Not only is this the perfect size as a checked bag, but it's got this amazing hard-sided back zipper compartment (what they call the "drop-bottom"), which I love! It's amazing because I can put all of this stuff that a) doesn't pack nicely in the main duffle with my clothes and b) it's a great place to put stuff that you want to be protected, because it's hard-sided. It also has compression straps that helps keep the size of the luggage in check. Plus, this bag is super sturdy and super durable! So far on my Remote Year travels and I am LOVING IT! Review to come after I've put it through the ringer this year! Check out the Eddie Bauer rolling duffel here!

TSA Pre-Check - If you travel 2x or more a year, then you've gotta check out TSA PreCheck! Why? Because it's $85 for - get this - 5 YEARS! Not only does it shorten your wait time through security, but it makes things so much more convenient. You can leave your shoes, jacket, and belt on, and leave your laptop and liquids in the bag. And it seriously took me like 15 minutes to go and and submit my application, and 3 days to get my application approved. Do it! You won't regret it!  Check out TSA PreCheck here!

CityPass - This is such a great way to see new cities! All the top attractions in a nice little bundle, for a discounted price! If a CityPass is available in a city I'm traveling to, then I totally make sure that I get one!

Health & Fitness:


The EmPack Weight Pack & Backpack. I wasn't sure whether to put this in travel gear or fitness gear. Because, frankly, since bringing it with me on Remote Year, I've found it to be just as integral a piece of travel gear as a piece of fitness gear. It was designed to be a gym on-the-go. A bag that could turn water or sand into easy and portable weight. It has reinforced handles so you can lift with it, swing it like a kettlebell, or wear it like a weight vest. And, BONUS, it has a laptop sleeve and frankly just serves as a fantastic, super durable travel bag! I have been loving! Check out my review for the details and a 10% off discount, and follow it's creator Emily Schromm (IG) and Evolved Motion on Instagram to check out some of the ways in which people use their EmPack!


Flip Belt - If you want a belt to wear while you run that doesn't bounce when you run with it, I highly suggest you check out the FlipBelt. Not only does it not bounce when you run, but it's such a simple and straightforward design. It was just enough for me to carry my iPhone, my energy chews, and a clip for my keys. It's simple, it's cheap, it's easy and it's so sleek compared to those big bulky belts with water bottles and what not. Check out the FlipBelt here!

MapMyRun - The best running app in my opinion! Not only is there a huge user community - and we all know community provides great accountability and motivation - but there's wonderful online tools! They're website has route creation tools for you to map out and verify the distance of your running routes. But, in my opinion, one of my favorites aspects is the gear tracker. You can input your running shoes into the app, and each time you log a route, it will add it to your gear so that you can keep track of how many miles you've put on your shoes! A must for hard-core distance runners! Check out MapMyRun here, and the MapMyRun App here.

General Health & Wellness

Quest Bars - I'm a protein far addict, and I'm obsessed with these! If you have read my blog post about what's in your protein bar, then you know why I love Quest Bars! They're delicious and they're one of the few protein bars that have that >20 grams of protein that aren't packed with unnecessary and unhealthy sugar! I love to buy them on Amazon in variety packs, but my absolute favorites (and the ones with the lowest sugar are: Coconut, Lemon Cream Pie, Banana Nut Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll.

California Home Goods Food Containers - You all know how much I believe in meal-prepping and making your food homemade! Something that I found that I freaking LOVE and recommend ALL the time are these California Home Goods food containers. I love to put my lunches in them! I use the 2-compartment ones the most, which you can find here. They also have 3 compartment reusable containers, 1 compartment reusable containers, and more. 


Yurbuds Headphones - The Inspire 300 headphones from Yurbuds are my absolute favorite headphones ever!! I love them because they don't budge when I go on runs, they're the most comfortable pair of headphones I've ever worn in my life, and they last! I have headphones in literally from the moment I wake up to basically the moment I get home from work, and sometimes in the evening too! And my ears literally never hurt! I love these headphones! And if you buy them at Best Buy, they'll replace them if they stop working within a year of you buying them. Check out the Yurbud headphones here!

Bowflex - The ultimate in home gym equipment. My dad has had a Bowflex system since I was in middle school, and I'm so jazzed to use it every time I go home! And after using my friends 552 adjustable dumbbells, I'm even more hooked! Sure, they're a little pricey, but you legitimately can't beat the quality of this equipment! I highly recommend it! Check out what Bowflex has to offer by clicking the image to the right! :-)

Polar Heart Rate Monitor - When I first got into my health & fitness journey, I wanted to have a really good grasp on the calories I was burning during every workout. So, I bought a heart rate monitor - and I loved it! The one I used was the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor.  It may look a little pricey, but it's so worth and mine lasted for years!


RomWod - Where all my people at that don't stretch enough!?! I heard about RomWod from an athlete I follow on Instagram and I was instantly intrigued. It stands for Range of Mobility (ROM) Workout of the Day (WOD). Some might say it's for CrossFit athletes, but I say it's for anyone who works out and needs to improve their flexibility and range of motion! The workouts are short, sweet, and act more like a guided meditation with some great stretching! I've been hooked since my first month! There's a 7 day free trial, and then there's a pretty small per month cost. But I think it's TOTALLY worth it. Check out ROMWOD here! 

Eat Cleaner - Our foods are often treated with pesticides and preserved with certain chemicals to keep them lasting longer for us. Ya, we could buy organic, but what's the point when it's more expensive and I'm not fully convinced it changes anything about the quality of our food. My preference is to just clean my food before I eat it. For that, I use Eat Cleaner. It's something that I heard about in one of Chalene Johnson's podcast. And needless to say I love it! I treat all of my produce with it, and can trust that it removes any of those unwanted chemicals! The bonus has been that it also seems to make my produce last longer!! So, at $12 bottle of spray that does all that?! I'm PUMPED! Click here to check out Eat Cleaner!

Money & Finances:

LearnVest - Note: Mint is a similar service to LearnVest. I had started using LearnVest prior to learning about Mint. Therefore, I have not used it. But if for whatever reason you don't like the layout of LearnVest, I would check out Mint.

TurboTax - I legitimately have not gone through a tax season in my entire life without Turbo Tax! You might say that I probably haven't been doing my taxes for that long. Fair - but even before then, this is the service my family always uses. It's easy. It's simple. It's reliable. And it is ALL I will ever use!

More Resources to Come!