Nicole Hudson

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Working with Ellyn was my first experience with life coaching, and it was well worth the investment in myself! She dove right into the deep end with me and helped guide me through a number of life decisions, realize and live by my core values and improve my self-compassion. The most eye-opening experience was putting my values into words, which helped me to understand where I needed to set boundaries and live my life on my terms. 

Ellyn has a wealth of knowledge and is continuously learning new techniques and methodologies to offer her clients. She is a great listener and does an incredible job of picking up patterns, pushing you to dig one level deeper while supporting you through the emotional tides. She caters the program to meet the needs of each client, with tools to guide deeper personal discovery. It's important that as a client you realize you get out what you put in, but Ellyn will always show up for you and give it her all.

-Nicole Hudson

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