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Meet Ellyn Schinke

coach, writer, & speaker

on a mission to help us all unapologetically take back our lives for us - and no one else…

 Ellyn Schinke is a transformational life coach, online trainer, author and speaker. She has been featured by Fupping, Reader’s Digest, Ladders, Vice, Aaptiv, among others places and was a featured speaker at “European Freelancers Week”. She is also is the host of The Growth Tribe podcast, the creator of the “Take Back Your Life” and “Pursuit of Confidence” online coaching programs, as well as the Growth Tribe Monthly online membership. She helps adventure-minded millennials who are making big pivots in their life to unapologetically take back their lives for them and live on their terms.

Before Ellyn was a world-traveling coach, she was a stuck, burned-doctoral student. Supported, successful and on the way to checking all of the boxes in life, she found herself wondering - "do I actually want this?" Like so many of us, Ellyn had spent much of her young adult like doing what was expected and what everyone was telling her she "should" do with her life. No more.

In 2016, after an avalanche of low points, Ellyn decided to finally silence all the shoulds with her own question of "what if". What if she finally started living her version of more? So, she quit her PhD and gave $5000 to a random company to travel the world with them. In the 15 months that followed, she started her dream business, launched a podcast, an online course, a membership site, and started writing 2 books, all while traveling to 10 countries. Now - she's a firm believer that we should all stop "should"-ing ourselves so that we can take back our lives and live on OUR terms.

Through her work, she helps others create happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives of more authenticity and passion. Ellyn’s mission is to help adventure-minded millennials who are stuck in “should”, are asking for permission to live their lives the way they want to and who are unsure what the next step is to make their big, audacious dreams a reality. Who know they want more out of their life, whatever more may be, but feel restricted by the expectations and opinions of the people closest to them. She empowers them to create a life they love on their terms through her 3 pillar coaching philosophy - clarity, confidence and self-management systems.

Ellyn’s speaking style infuses a playful style full of anecdotes and relatable prose and language with her unshakable grounding in the science of the industry. She is an avid reader and researcher, joking that she “researches the shit out of things”. She’s often praised on her flexible and responsive style, ability to explain a concept in multiple different ways, ability to motivate, ease of connecting with and relating to her audience, boundless enthusiasm and sense of humor.

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