Hammer & Chisel Review

Started: June 2016

Completed: August 2016

I remember when this program came out and they announced it at Summit 2015. My eyes were like bugging out of my head I was so excited! Not only was it Autumn - the queen of portion control - but it was the bodybuilding dynamic duo of Sagi & Autumns! The perfect blend of strength and finesse, and sure to be an absolutely killer workout!

This 60 day program is my jam! Like, it is the one of those programs if I can't figure out what program I want to do next, I always come back to this.

True to Coach Ellyn form - I'll tell you everything! I will tell you what I LOVED, where I struggled, and even what I just couldn't get behind! 



Okay - some people will disagree with this, but as much as I was looking forward to the bodybuilding dynamic duo, there was so much about Sagi's workouts that I didn't like. First off, he irritates me. His commentary - eh! I just can't. But, more so than that, I really just couldn't get behind his workout style. So much time is wasted between moves with his chit-chat. While Autumn is so intent on keeping the workout rolling, keeping your heart rate up, Sagi isn't. The workouts in and of themselves are GREAT workouts. He definitely has a body of knowledge, and his workouts are intense and sweaty, but I don't like his training style.

Workout lengths

Similar to what I said with the PiYo review, something I had grown to love about many of the Beachbody programs I have done is that the workouts were a consistent amount of time!

21 day fix is always 30 minutes. Focus T25 is always 25 minutes. 22 minute Hard Corps is, shocker, 22 minutes! 

The Hammer & Chisel workouts are a little inconsistent in their length. Sometimes it was great because they were only 20 minutes, while other times it was a little harder to fit them into my normal schedule because they were closer to 40 minutes!



Seriously - my number 1, absolute favorite thing about this workout was the diversity! There was a lot of weight lifting, ya, but it was so diverse. Some days you were bulking, other days, you were fatiguing. There was power lifting. There were isometric holds. And then there was cardio, agility, etc. I think that the only thing that was missing was a  nice stretching day, but personally I found that to be just fine!


I freaking love this woman! Seriously - I'm a fan of Autumn. Not only is she a little badass and a hotty, but she is such a great trainer. Her workouts are ass-kicking, and engaging. Sometimes it's reps, sometimes it's for times. And she always has these great little kernels of wisdom and pep talks - like there was one day where she had this amazing motivational speech. Seriously - check this one out! Mid ass-kicking workout - she busts this out! Tell me that's not motivating! 

Meal Plan!

IT's 21 Day Fix style. Need I say more? This freaking meal plan system is fool proof! Just fill up the containers and go for it. Even when I'm not 21 Day Fix-ing I still use them all the time! So freaking convenient! I love this system - effective and freaking fool proof!

Sweaty in 20-25 minutes.

Something I really appreciated about this program was, though there were longer workouts, there were also some nice short ones for when you don't have a ton of time. Like The Master's Cardio! There were days when the 35-40 min workout just wasn't gonna happen. So, I'd pop in Master's Cardio and 19 minutes later I was sweating my ass off, and with plenty of time still to get ready for work!


Chest: 37"       Left Arm: 12.7"           Right Arm: 13.2"          

Waist: 34.6"      Hips: 40.2"      Left thigh: 21.2"         Right thigh: 22"


Chest: 37"       Left Arm: 11.7"           Right Arm: 11.7"          

Waist: 32.7"      Hips: 36.5"      Left thigh: 21.7"         Right thigh: 22"



If you're looking for a program that's ass-kicking, diverse, and seriously game-changing. It pushes you hard and tests your dedication, forces you to adapt and get stronger, but delivers on it's promises. Definitely try this program out! It's one of my all-time favorites!

Note: I was drinking Shakeology while on this program! Shakeology is meant to enhance your results by providing your body with the nutrition it needs to refuel and replenish after a tough workout!  If you want to know more, check out my post about Shakeology here!