What is Shakeology & How is it Different?

If you know a Beachbody coach, you know that we talk about Shakeology a lot. That's probably because we're all equally obsessed with it!  What you may not know is what this product is and why we're all SO obsessed...

Well, let me break it down for you, first by describing to you the diet cycle and how it usually works.

When you first start out on a diet, you're super stoked about it right? You're gung-ho! You've got your recipe catalog down, you know your macros and your calorie intake and you're stoked about the results you're going to see and where this new you is going to take you.

Two weeks later, you may see yourself starting to struggle. You may have seen results, which you're pumped about. But enthusiasm can't quite save you from the struggles you're feeling! You're craving things. Things that you can't have on your diet. And you're craving those things badly. But you decided to stick with it....

...Until you don't. Until you give into your cravings and you feel like a failure...Does this sound familiar?

Trust me - I'm not trying to be a debby downer! I am, however, trying to be realistic.

It's a vicious cycle, but I can tell you from personal experience of it's accuracy! Even when I was on Weight Watchers my success and my dedication would wax and wane in a pattern eerily similar to this exactly timeline. But recently I have come to better understand why this happens.

It's called nutrient deficiency.

The problem with most conventional diet plans, including popular ones like Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, and the DASH diet, is this...Despite the fact that they may provide you with results, the drastic reduction in calories result in a insufficient nutrient intake, leaving you with cravings galore!

 That's why your body has cravings, and revolts against the carefully planned out diet you've been utilizing! It's the body's way of telling you that you're not giving it enough of what it needs!

In a 2010 journal article by Jayson B. Calton in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, many of these popular diet plans were analyzed. He took suggested daily menus from Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach, and the DASH Diet, and analyzed them not only for total calories, but also for sufficiency and deficiency in 27 essential micronutrients. And guess what he found?

All 4 diet plans left you micronutrient deficient!

 Meaning, that you weren't getting the sufficient quantities of all 27 essential micronutrients in that daily plan.

And, BONUS, to GET 100% nutrient sufficiency on these diets, you needed to eat 18,000 CALORIES A DAY OR MORE!!

That's how difficult it is to get 100% of your daily nutrients...

I know what you're thinking now - "Okay, so nutrient deficiency is a problem. But, why should I care?"

Here's why...just some health statistics from Calton (2010):

  • America's overweight/obesity epidemic affects more than two out of three adults and 15% of children
    • More than 34% of adults are obese
    • Approximately 25% of American adults are on a diet at a given time
    • Micronutrient deficient subjects had an 80.8% increase in likelihood of being overweight or obese

So, where does Shakeology come into play?

All of us Beachbody coaches are obsessed with Shakeology, and for good reason!

It's not a protein shake. It's not a weight loss.

It contains protein, yes, and aids in weight loss. But, the biggest reason we all love Shakeology is because this is the most nutrient dense shake I have ever come across on the market!

No joke - Shakeology contains a higher percent daily value of some nutrients in one serving than some of those aforementioned diets contain in their entire day's worth of food!

Not only that, but Shakeology contains so many amazing other amazing things, including...

  • Protein and Essential Amino Acids(whey protein & plant based proteins in the Vegan formulations), which help build muscle, fill you up and reduce food cravings
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymeswhich help you body with digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption
    • Prebiotics help support and promote the healthy, "good bacteria" that reside in your digestive tract
    • Probiotics are those strains of "good bacteria" that promote the digestion and absorption of foods.
    • Digestive enzymespromote the breakdown of food!
    • Adaptogenswhich help promote immune and hormonal balance, a strong immune system, increase energy, and protect from stress
    • Antioxidants, phytonutrients and other superfoods which help protect against free radicals, decrease inflammation, and help maintain the immune system

So basically, if you're comparing Shakeology to other shakes...make sure you're comparing the micronutrient and nutritional content...not just the calories, cost, carbs and protein amounts!

Speaking of cost...I'm sure some of you are thinking...

"Well, ya I'd love to try it, but it's soooo expensive..."

There's a big difference between something that's just expensive and something that's valuable! Shakeology is valuable, and it is not your basic protein or weight loss shake. It's packed with great, effective superfoods! It works and it's good for you!

 It's not just about calories and fat and protein...it's about everything else!

Thanks to the lovely Kacia Fitzgerald for this awesome graphic!

And in terms of cost...you may have to make some sacrifices...but let me ask you this, are you willing to do that for the sake of your health? I could not afford Shakeology when I started with Beachbody.

But, I decided the sacrifice was worth it for the sake of staying committed to myself and my health. I cinched up my budget, particularly my grocery budget, and decided to forego my abundant iTunes purchases and morning coffees. At the time, I was in what I affectionately call my hell semester in school...and I was easily spending $5+ on lattes and americanos on a daily basis. Guess what...Shakeology is LESS than that. And it's healthier!

If you prioritize your health and make some sacrifices, this will fit into your life and your budget! There is an investment associated with Shakeology and any of the Beachbody challenge packs - but let me ask you this...how much is your HEALTH, your VITALITY, and your ENJOYMENT of your life worth to you?

Lastly...Shakeology has benefits to me that move beyond just health...

  1. It tastes AMAZING! - It comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Greenberry, as well as Vegan Chocolate & Vegan Strawberry! I have SO much fun with recipes trying to make my Shakeology fun and different every day! Keep your eyes peeled for a Shakeology recipe share post comin' atcha soon! (And check out the little preview to the right!)
  2.  It's SO CONVENIENT! - My mornings are packed, and I frankly don't have time to SIT and eat cereal or eggs or something like that during the week! I love that Shakeology is not only REALLY easy to make, but I can throw it in my blender bottle and walk around my apartment, do my hair, get dressed...all with my handy dandy shake right in my hand! And if I'm running late, my breakfast can come with me! There is literally NO EXCUSE for me to skip out on my breakfast!
  3. I have MORE ENERGY! I know I mentioned about that adaptogens can help increase energy, but when I started drinking Shakeology, I brushed that "benefit" aside. I NEVER thought that that would be something I'd experience. I mean, I'm from Seattle. I'm a coffee drinker through-and-through. And giving up my morning latte and Americano so that I could afford Shakeology was definitely a hard thing to stomach. But what I found VERY quickly after I started drinking Shakeology was that I don't NEED as much coffee anymore. I have one cup in the morning and on an average day that's it! That's all I need to get through my day! I know...CRAZY talk for a graduate student! But it's the truth! I don't drink as much coffee anymore because I don't need it. My energy levels are more consistent.
  4. Drinking my morning Shakeology makes me feel like I'll always be on track even if I don't have a perfect day!

So that's it! That's why I think Shakeology is different based on published analysis on micronutrient deficiency in common diet plans, and also because of my experience with Shakeology!

Not only will Shakeology will provide you in one serving the dense dose of nutrition that will help you navigate through the dieting process without feeling deprived, but if you have the same experience I did, you'll find that it's a tasty, convenient, energizing start to your day!

I LOVE this product! I'm obsessed with it! And I have been ever since I started this crazy awesome coaching journey! 

If you're interested, try it! There's no risk! Cinch that budget a little tighter, cut some extravagances out of your life! And if you still don't like it, don't worry Beachbody and I will take care of you! Promise! 

You can find more information by clicking here!

I hope you learned something! I hope I got you excited as I am about this product! In my experience, it is as good as it sounds! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!


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