I’ve got something special

for my Remote Year tramily!

For some of us, coaching has bever been on our radar. For others, it’s something we’ve always considered doing, but never really dove into. Coaching can definitely be an investment, but I want to make a special deal for all of you, my tramily, to make that investment a little easier and to say thank you for the role you played, indirect or not, in me starting my business. Because an investment in yourself is never a waste.

that’s why I’m offering you all

25% off 1-on-1 coaching!


  • We’ll meet/chat 1-on-1 and talk about what you’re interested in improving in your life! We’ll make a game plan and I’ll walk you through a bit about how I can help you. We’ll also vibe each other out and see if working together will be something that’s beneficial to both of us. This is a super important part of the coaching relationship ad something that I don’t take lightly.
  • We’ll address if we’re a good fit! We’ll discuss the ways in which coaching will benefit you in achieving your goals and, if the coaching relationship feels right, we’ll set a plan to work together for however long you want or are able to.
  • We’ll deal with logistical stuff. Yes, paperwork makes it’s way into coaching as well!
  • And then we’ll start working together! The benefit of being on this journey together is that we’re all pretty darn familiar with figuring out time zones, video conferencing, etc. We can find a time and a system that works (Skype, Zoom, phone, etc.) to help you work toward your goals.


  • Accountability. Coaching is most importantly accountability to achieving your goals. In our lives, there are so many things for us to juggle that it’s understandable when some of our goals and commitments fall through the cracks! I’ll help you specifically create a vision and define what you’re working toward, build a plan around how to get there, and then, most importantly, hold you to sticking to that plan. If we run into obstacles along the way, we address it, make changes, and continue moving forward.
  • Personalization. Because I’ve done cookie-cutter coaching programs that send everyone through the same pipeline of lessons and videos and, really, that works, but not as well as it could. If you’re truly going to help someone bring their best self to the table in their life, then their coaching needs to be tailored to them and to their needs.


  • Clarity Coaching. One of the biggest struggles that so many of my clients have is that they just aren’t 100% sure what they want in their or how to get it. Whether it’s what kind of work will make them happy or passionate, what goals will fulfill them, or sometimes they just are juggling too many ideas and aren’t sure which ones to focus on. Basically, uncertainty is crippling because it leads to a lack of direction! How can you feel like you’re moving forward in your life if you don’t know where you’re going? This is huge! But, it’s also one of the biggest places where we often need help!
  • Mindset & Confidence Coaching. Confidence is something that I’m actually incredibly passionate about. So much so that I’ve not only embedded a 5-week confidence unit into my flagship coaching program, but I’ve actually created an 8-week onlien course all about pursuing confidence! Basically, my entire personal journey stemmed from a lack of self-confidence. But, confidence is an interesting topi because it manifests itself different for everyone. Sometimes it’s a lack of physical confidence, confidence at work, confidence in social interactions, etc. One thing I’ve realized, though, as I’ve gone on my journey is this. Confidence is not fixed. Just like you can grow a muscle and just like you can learn new things, you can grow your confidence too. And I am so incredibly passionate about helping my clients improve their confidence to empower them throughout their life!
  • Time Management + Productivity Coaching. This might be such a random thing, but time management is my jam! I think routines, planning systems, scheduling, etc. is sexy AF. But, I know so many of us, well, don’t think that way. And I’m here to help you figure that out. But it’s less about time management and more about personal management and learning to manage your life. It’s taking time management to the next level. Perhaps the most common thing I hear from clients, friends, family, etc. is “I don’t have time.” I heart it from multi-passionate students who feel pigeon-holed by their field and want to pursue a side-hustle or hobbies, young moms who can never seem to find any time for themselves, entrepreneurs who are so focused on their business that they de-prioritize their family and health, etc. Balancing pursuing our goals, passions, careers, and relationships is tough. But it’s definitely not impossible. It’s about implementing tools, systems, habits, and routines into your life to help keep you firing on all cylinders. It’s about making those systems work for you. It’s about setting boundaries, because you can’t say yes to everything. It’s about giving you momentum to keep you motivated so that you can get what you want in your life. And damn, do I love helping people create that in their lives!

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Gunther Oakey

a Clear Sense of Purpose in my life

Ellyn is a student and teacher of human potential. I started her program with a motley rumpus of ideas, hopes, frustrations, and aspirations. By the end, I had a plan, a timeline, and a clear sense of purpose that excited me. She listened, asked good/hard questions, and collaborated with me to shape ephemeral ideas and wishes into tangible objects I can work and play with. I look forward to learning more from her in the future.

Annie Jacobsen

still reaping the benefits months later

It’s amazing how things come to you exactly when you need them, and you were exactly what I needed. You helped me take these huge, lofty, seemingly unattainable goals and break them into mini tasks. You also helped me learn how my productivity/creativity works and how I need to harness it when it strikes to make the most out of my time. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, or what I was truly hoping to gain, and it blew me away how valuable these 8 weeks were! I’m still reaping the benefits after we’re done, so worth the investment in yourself. Love you long time xx

Lauren Chapman

i highly recommend working with her no matter what challenges you’re facing

I’m so grateful for meeting Ellyn this year and doing coaching sessions with her. Not only is she very comfortable to talk to, but she also asks the hard-hitting questions to make you think. She helped me uncover a lot of things I’ve been passionate about over the years but have put aside for one reason or another. She also had amazing feedback on how to tackle some of the challenges I have been facing with determining the next steps in my career and what direction to head. I highly recommend working with her no matter what challenges you’re facing both professionally and personally!

Jessica Newfield

tangible tools + resources for everyday life

Besides being one of the most authentic humans I’ve ever met, Ellyn is terrific at her job as a coach. She’s helped me make my goals more tangible and provided me with the tools and resources to making them achievable in my day-to-day life. I always look forward to our 1-on-1 coaching sessions.