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Power Hour Coaching

what if an hour could make all the difference?

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  • 90 mins of intensive 1-on-1 coaching (yup - it’s not actually an hour! I lied…)

  • 1 week of messaging and email support


These 90 min sessions are dedicated to helping you get started toward creating a life you f’ing love on YOUR terms! What does that mean?

Well, in this intensive session, I can help you get clear on WHAT that might mean for you! Does it mean changing your job? You environment? Digging into your values? Let’s get clear on what that is for you in this session!

Or, maybe you already know what that thing is! I can help you make a game plan to take you from WHAT to HOW! Let’s make an action plan starting from ground zero to break down your goal and take you from dream to DONE…

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Frequently Asked Questions...


+ What kinds of things can you help me with?

I think this type of power hour coaching is BEST in helping you get clarity on an aspect of your life or to help you create a game plan for a goal that you've already identified. I've had people:

  • Identify what kind of career pivot they need and want to make to find fulfillment - like Jeroen above!
  • Identify their priorities...
  • Identify their vlaues...
  • Figure out what their book topic is...
  • Start to mind map their new business plan...

All the things! There are so many options for how this session can go. Most importantly, it helps get you talking. I will ask you the hard questions...and we will make progress.

+ Can I break up the 90 mins into 2x45-min sessions?

Unfortunately, no. The only reason for this is because 45 mins isn't really enough time to make progress in a session. I do sessions for a minimum of 1 hour because that is the necessary amount of time to make progress over the course of a single session. I hope that makes sense.

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