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end the year with the
same intention you start it with!

end your year with the same intention you started it with! 

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Create a Vision

Because so often people are missing that bigger picture, that roadmap for what ultimate fulfillment and happiness look like for them in their lives!



Connect your bigger vision to shorter term goals that align with that vision so that you’ll know that the steps you’re taking both in your personal and profession life are directing you toward the life you want!


Take action

We’ll walk through the 12-week year system for turning your goals into actionable steps that you can take on a week-by-week or day-to-day basis that will ensure that you’re moving toward your goals!


stay accountable

We’ll all do this process together, and together we’ll hold ourselves accountable toward achieving our goals! We’ll have the community, yes, and if you’re so inclined, will have mini accountability meetings digitally or via Skype/phone in small groups to hold each other accountable!

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End your Year with the same intention you start it with!