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Complete Life Overhaul?

Check out Life 101

It’s everything about life that you should have learned in school!

My comprehensive life-transformation program, including all 3 Flagship  programs - Create Clarity, The Pursuit of Confidence, & Take Back Your Time! Because I believe if anything holds us back in life it's a lack of clarity about who we are and what we want, a lack of confidence to make our dream life happen, and a lack of systems to balance our obligations with our goals and ambitions!

Coming Soon 9/24/2018

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Check out My Pursuit of Confidence program!

We all know that confidence has the potential to hold us back in many different parts of our lives. But how do we grow it? In this course, we tackle emotional confidence, physical confidence, confidence in relationships, and much more!

I have struggled with confidence for as long as I can remember. Impostor syndrome held me back in graduate school. My self-esteem and body-image held me back in relationships. And for a LONG time, I didn't know how to be authentic self even with my family. Well - NO MORE! I'm committed to helping women overcome their struggles with confidence FOR GOOD!

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A Quarter Life Crisis?

because let's face it...

millennials & 20-somethings are dealing with a lot of shit!

Contrary to the "lazy & entitled" labels that other generations like to apply to us, we millennials know that we are dealing with shit that these other generations just cannot appreciate. And what's developed from that? A new phenomenon of stress, anxiety and overwhelm brought on my insane student debt, soaring housing prices and a lack of security in the job market that they just cannot appreciate. You're not alone for experiencing these emotions. I've been there & I want to help you get through it!

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Are You a Student?

Check out my student-SPECIFIC coaching options

Being a student comes with unique challenges. There are outside influences that are affecting your choices, and for many students, we don't fully have clarity on what we want in our careers, how to get there, what our strengths are and how to utilize them in our career, among many other options.   

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