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The Thunderbolt Hype

Money aside – what would you be doing with your life?

How many times have you been asked that question? Some people think that it’s an easy way to identify what you life’s purpose is. Hell - I used to be one of them, but the more I think about this notion, I beg to differ.

Everyone has it in their heads that finding their purpose and their calling will come to then in this overt flash of brilliance. This angels-sing AHA moment from which they’ll fully realize what they’re meant to do with their life. I hate to drop a proverbial bomb on this concept, but it's completely and not true for the vast majority of us. I'm not going to say that it never happens, because for some people it does. But, ultimately, you've got to put in work to figure this out for yourself. 

Check out some of the activities below to assist you in figuring this out for yourself. 

Passions assessment

I love this activity and have done it with numerous 1-on-1 clients in the past. It's interesting because for so many of them, there's a dormant interest or passion that comes to light, while for others, simply answering the questions reveals a theme that is the underlying motivator for them in their life and career. 

Here is the list of questions:

  1. What activity would you engage in even if you never made any money doing it?
  2. If money were not an issue, what would you spend your life doing? Why?
  3. Would you pursue a different line of work if given the choice? Why? What’s missing?
  4. When you dream? What do you dream about?
  5. How do you want to help people?
  6. Why do you want to help people?
  7. What do you view as fun that other people view as work?
  8. What do you feel are your strengths?
  9. What do you feel are your weaknesses?
  10. What do other people view as your strengths? (Feel free to reach out to some of your close friends and family if you’d like!)
  11. What do you like to talk about?
  12. What do you like to read about?
  13. What do you do effortlessly?
  14. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  15. What did you spend your time playing and pretending to be?
  16. What are some compliments people have made to you?
  17. What are you good at?
  18. What do you find easy that others might struggle with?
  19. What sparks your creativity?
  20. When was the last time you had a fantastic time? What were you doing?
  21. What do you enjoy doing for others the most?
  22. What are 5 past life experiences that left you with a profound sense of fulfillment?
  23. What upsets you?
  24. What thrills you or excites you?
  25. What was the best time you ever had? Or the best moment you ever had?
  26. What is one of your proudest accomplishments?
  27. What job did you love the most? Why?
  28. What is your favorite part about life?
  29. Who do you enjoy working with most? Why?
  30. What environment did you like working in best? Why?
  31. How do you see yourself helping others?
  32. If you’d just met and spent time talking to a new person and they had one impression of you, what would you want that impression to be?

Some of these questions will resonate with you. Some will not. I want you to go through and answer them regardless. Again, if you're in the 1-on-1 or group program, send me your answers and perhaps this is something we could explore further. If you're in the self-guided program, go through these questions with a family member or friend and see if they notice any patterns or themes that perhaps you don't! It can be very enlightening to get another perspective!

Listen and Learn

You’ll rarely hear me say that you should listen to the opinions of others, but in some instances, the insight of others can be very beneficial. And this is certainly one of those times!

As I was spending a significant amount of time trying to determine what I should do with my life, I found myself recalling moments when the people in my life had told me thing like, “You would be a great teacher…” or “You’re such a great presenter", "You're a really great writer", or "You're a natural coach..." and look where I am now! 

This is a really straightforward and to the point exercise. I want you to take a moment, take out your notebook and brainstorm - what are some the things people have said about me and told me that I'm good at? I don't care what those things are. Brainstorm a list and once you have, get creative and let's see if we can find a way to leverage some of those things into career paths. If you're in the group or 1-on-1 programs, this is a great thing to bring up during a call for us to brainstorm how to turn some of your strengths into fulfilling work!

Evaluating your Gifts - Be The Alien.

That’s right you heard me. I want you to step into your life and your body as if you’re an alien, discovering this new world in your body. I want you to experience yourself and your place in the world as someone else. It's probably the strangest exercise I have in this course, but the reason why I want you to do it is because oftentimes we can't appreciate where our gifts truly lie because we're so used to and attuned to them. Sometimes, we just don't even notice them!

Today, I want you to spend sometime experiencing yourself and your day in this way. At the end of the day, take a moment to journal on what you experienced. Did you notice anything that you felt exceptionally comfortable and adept at? Did you challenge yourself in some way and pass with flying colors? What were the strengths, weaknesses and gifts you noticed? Heck, combine this exercise with the last one! Did someone compliment you on something that you do well that you maybe never noticed before? Take note of these things and let's see if we can leverage some of them into fulfilling career paths.

Find a Role Model

Is there someone who's life you just freaking admire? Is it a celebrity, a famous entrepreneur or just a normal, everyday human who you just love and want to be like. Whoever they are, model them. Track down every book, essay, etc. that they've ever published and read them. Listen to every speech or YouTube video they've ever done. Heck, reach out to them and see if they would mind sitting down and chatting with you (video chats are cool too)! I'm not saying mimick them or copy cat them, but sometimes the best way for us to develop the kind of career/purpose we want is for us to mirror someone who inspires us. Add your own subtle touches so that you don't lose your authenticity, but ultimately mirroring that person could set you on the right path. 

Act NOW, Or Forever Hold your Peace…

We spend a lot of time mulling over ideas…especially when it comes to potentially taking a step down a career path. Oftentimes, there is some sort of fear associated with not acting - we're afraid of not liking the outcome as much as we thought, we're afraid that there's some aspect of the process that we won't be able to handle, or we're afraid that simply moving down this path will mean that we lose other opportunities. These are the 3 types of pain that so many of us experience and they're ugly - debilitating even- because they keep us from acting. 

Remember that done is better than perfect. Remember that trying and taking action is better than remaining undecisive and stagnant. And remember that even if you head down one path, trip, fall flat on your face, or ultimately come out of it unfulfilled, that it was not a waste. It is not keeping you from doing something else later and the time spent in pursuit of that thing wasn't worthless. It still taught you some incredibly powerful things.

  • The process likely gave you new information or skills
  • The outcome ultimately taught you something about what you do and do not want

Regardless of the outcome, relentlessly mulling over whether or not you should start is NOT going to help you. It's going to hold you prisoner. So whatever you're considering, act. Start. Don't get caught up in the "Yeah, but..." and the excuses. They're not helping anyone. In particular, they're not helping you. 

Real talk friends. Real talk. 

Purpose & Passion – Enthusiasm Saves Lives…

“There is nothing as easy as being inspired…” We’ve talked a lot in this section about how you can go about identifying your strengths and what to do with your life…but sometimes the biggest indicator is one single thing…enthusiasm.

I was reading Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte, and she quoted Eckhart Tolle. “Whenever there is enthusiasm, there is a creative empowerment that goes far beyond what a mere person is capable of.”

As described in his book, A New Earth, Tolle believes that enthusiasm is one of 3 different stages of awakened living—acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. Acceptance refers to a willingness to do what needs to be done in a given situation. Enjoyment refers to a presence in what you’re doing, and treating the activity as more than just a means to an end. Enthusiasm refers to doing something with a deep enjoyment; with a goal and a vision – a purpose.

Marie Forleo, entrepreneur, business woman, and – as she puts it – “spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger” loves to put this in different terms…If it’s not “Hell Yes!” then it’s “Hell no!”

Use enthusiasm to guide your choices and your commitments. Before you do anything, take any job, choose any project, buy a house, marry someone…your enthusiasm must be there! You must be in a state of “Hell yes!”

Enthusiasm originates via Latin from the Greek work enthousiasmos or enthous, which literally means “possessed by a god, inspired.” Say what?! Enthusiasm literally means that you have been possessed by a higher power!

Think about the last time you were really enthusiastic about something; Think about the last time you got so lost in something, you caught yourself losing time, making plans before the current actions were even completed, where you saw your creativity exploding in a way that is usually hidden from you.

What was it? What were you doing? Think of all the times you felt this way and right them all down below.

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