I’ve Got Something Special for my

Remote Year Tramily!

For some of us, coaching has never been on our radar. For others, it's something we've always considered doing, but never really dove into. Coaching can definitely be an investment, but I want to make a special deal for all of you, my tramily, because an investment in yourself is never a waste!

because i love you & I’ve so enjoyed learning from you this year, i’m offering…

50% off 1-on-1 Coaching!

I’m also giving you 20% off of my long-awaited Life 101 coaching program!

How coaching works:

  • We'll meet 1-on-1 and talk about what you're interested in improving in your life! We'll make a game plan and I'll walk you through a little bit about how I can help you. We'll also vibe each other out and see if working together will be something that's beneficial for both of us.

  • We'll address if we're a good fit! We'll discuss the ways in which coaching will benefit you in achieving your goals and, if the coaching relationship feels right, we'll set a plan to work together for however long you want or are able to.

  • We'll deal with logistical shtuff. Yes, paperwork makes it's way into coaching as well!

  • And then we'll start working together! The benefit of being on this journey together is we won't have to worry about phone calls or skyping! We can meet face to face on a consistent basis to help you work toward your goals.

What coaching provides:

  • Accountability. Coaching is most importantly accountability to achieving your goals. In our lives, there's so many things for us to juggle that it's understandable when some of our goals and commitments fall through the cracks! I'll help you specifically define what it is you're working toward, build a plan around how to get there, and then, most importantly, I will hold you to sticking to that plan. If we run into obstacles along the way, we address it, make changes, and continue forward.

  • Personalization, because I've done cookie-cutter coaching programs that send everyone through the same pipeline of lessons and videos and, really, it doesn't work. If you're truly going to help someone bring their best self to the table, then their coaching needs to be tailored to them and to their needs.

What I specialize in:

  • Clarity. One of the biggest struggles that so many of my clients have is that they just aren't 100% sure of what they want in their life. Whether it's what kind of work will make them happy or passionate, what goals will fulfill them, or sometimes they just are juggling too many ideas and aren't sure how which ones to focus on. Basically, uncertainty is crippling because it leads to a lack of direction! How can you feel like you're moving forward in your life if you don't know where you're going? This is huge! But, it's also one of the biggest places where I can help!

  • Mindset & Confidence. Confidence is something that I'm incredibly passionate about. So much so that I've actually created an 8-week online course all about pursuing confidence! Basically, my entire personal journey stemmed from a lack of self-confidence. But, confidence is an interesting topic because it manifests itself different for everyone. Sometimes it's a lack of physical confidence, confidence at work, confidence in social interactions, etc. One thing I've realized, though, as I've gone on my journey is this. Confidence is not fixed. Just like you can grow a muscle and just like you can learn new things, you can learn and grow your confidence too. And I am so incredibly passionate about helping my clients improve their confidence!

  • Time Management & Productivity. The last thing that gets in the way for so many of us in terms of living the badass life we desire is time. Perhaps the most common thing I hear from clients, friends, family, etc. is "I don't have time." I hear it from multi-passionate students who feel pigeon-holed by their field and want to pursue a side-hustle or hobbie, young moms who can never seem to find any time for themselves, or all the go-getters in my life with huge dreams! Balancing pursuing our goals and passions with our daily obligations is tough. But definitely not impossible! It's all about implementing tools, systems, habits, and routines into your life to help keep you firing on all cylinders. To give you that momentum to get what you want. And damn, do I love helping people create that in their lives!


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