Fitness Should Be Fun!

and it should fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life…

for all the women who’ve ever felt like nothing ever works, I finally found what did! 

Have you ever felt that feeling, where you hit that major milestone in your -- your goal weight/perfect pant size/ kickass job promotion / finally found your person -- and you're still not happy? I’ve been there, too! And part of the reason why I felt that way was because I never felt like I was living up to highest potential when it came to my health! And I wanted that…I didn’t think there HAD to be any place where I dropped the ball! And yet, I was self-sabotaging, managing my emotions through food + alcohol, and not really sure about how to deal with the shitty days + highs and lows -- except maybe with candy + wine binges on my Friday not movie nights…

Say what you want about #dietculture, but if I didn’t feel good in my skin, I didn’t feel good enough.

And not because society was telling me I wasn’t. But because I was capable of so much more! Because there was an athlete from long ago that I had buried inside me…and I wanted her back! Sound familiar?

I wanted to be challenged, but not burned out.
I wanted to be clean + healthy, but without feeling deprived or like I was cheating myself.
I wanted to feel like a fit badass, but without yo-yo dieting and having to say no to all my faves!
I wanted to fitness + health to integrate into my life, not consume it! 



And I'm here to remind you that to be truly HEALTHY and HAPPY -- to create a life you F’ING LOVE -- it's not about being an f’ing robot…counting calories + ticking off workouts like a machine!
It's about recognizing and stepping into the BEST version of yourself, every single day, and to find routines + tools that works for YOU…

And I hope i’ve helped provide you with that below…


fave workout APPAREL

I’ve been obsessed with Fabletics basically since they’ve started! They’ve got cute clothes, great quality + they’ve recently pivoted to offering more high-wasted pants which I’m obsessed with! Check em out >>


fave workout gear

Whether you’re traveling the world or you’re just an at-home workout savant look for some good gear…I’ve got you covered! I’m obsessed with the Empack, love the hell out of my Bowflex adjustable dumbbells + so much more! Check out my gear reviews here >>


fave workout programs

I’m a die-hard at-home workout fan! And since 2014, I’ve only done Beachbody workout programs! I love 21 Day Fix, LIIFT4, 80 Day Obsession, and many more! But my favorite thing? That you can get access to ANY Beachbody workout program ONLINE in a Netflix style platform for $99 a YEAR! Click here to learn more >>


fave supplements

For dense nutrition + a meal replacement - Click here to check out Shakeology>>

For my favorite pre-workout EVER (#unicornjuice) - Click to check out Performance Energize >>

For a great after-workout shake + snack - Click to check out Performance Recover >>


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