#18 - The Stages of Defensiveness & Being Open to Feedback


Do you consider yourself to be a defensive person? I’d be willing to be that most of would probably answer “no” to this question, me being one of them. I consider myself to be a pretty open person, open to feedback, to growth, and so on. But am I, really? Are you? I had a moment the other day where I realized that I’m not. A person I trust made a comment that could have been valuable feedback for me. And my first instinct was to defend myself. I realized in reflecting on this situation that, even for the most open people, defensiveness is a natural and normal state. Even when we feel like we’re being receptive to feedback, oftentimes we’re not as open as we could be. In today’s episode, I reflect on this situation, on the times when it’s really easy to get constructive feedback and the times when it’s not, the stages of defensiveness that we often find ourselves in, and ultimately, where we should all strive to be. Enjoy! And, let me know how you like the new format in the comments below! Should I keep it? Should I switch back to the old set up?

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